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W5R3 jitters

Looks like this is it tomorrow is the BIG 20.

I came into week 5 knowing I could do R1 with no probs and I did, then I thougth mmmh R2 I should kind of be able to manage KIND OF. The first 8 minutes run went fine but then came the second and it was deadly I thought I had been running for ages and my legs attempted to give up when Laura said "that's 4 minute" and for the first time since I started this I am ashamed to say I cursed at her (the love eventually came back when she said "60 second to go"). I did it I did it I cried (literally ...internally).

But now I'm thinking ...

Will I manage the 20 minutes run and the truth is I DONT KNOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! tell me about you experience

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I did w5r2 tonight so have the big one on Saturday. Can't stop thinking about it and have read everyone else's posts. I'm thinking I will go on a flat route and just keep going very slowly. I'm just thinking about not stopping and how great I will feel when I e done it and being able to post here and tell everyone. Good luck. Let us know :)


GOOD LUCK both of you.



I used to start every week thinking I can't do it ! Wk 5run 1+2 were no different and was so chuffed I managed them Somehow when it came to wk 5 run 3 I was quite calm and thought what 'will be will be ' I can't explain why my attitude changed . I decided to go REALLY slow in case I couldn't finish and I just loved it It was best run of whole programme !!!! I could hardly breathe in wk 1+2 so never imagined I would ever run for 20mins . I am doing wk 6 run 3 tomorrow and feel fine about it just now ( don't know what I'll feel if cant manage it though) Just think about how far you have come in last few weeks , try and relax and just go slowly Good luck and let us know how it goes


I got myself really wound up about W5R3 and when it came to it I inexplicably ground to a halt half way. I concluded that Laura's regular time checks were demotivating me somewhat and I needed to forget about the time and have something else to do. So 2 days later I got out there again without Laura but with 20 minutes of my own music on my iPod and found it so much easier. I was singing along to some of my favourite tunes in my head and got to the end of 20 minutes relatively easily. I've stuck with my own playlists for the longer runs on weeks 6 and 7 and it seems to work well for me, but everyone will be different of course. Don't forget that the programme has prepared you well for this run and that, however big a step it may seem, your body is ready to do it! Good luck!!


You will be fine, just trust in the programme, I know exactly what you mean about being rude to Laura LOL I have more than once thought it was really not great to get the half way warning...........


You will do Brills and you will feel amazing afterwards. I felt just like you and the sense of amazement afterwards was thrilling. Trust Laura, you can do it.


I'm also one for cursing Laura out, I like to think that she know i don't mean it!


I personally had been dreading the weed 5 r 3 :S

and I tried it on sunday - and failed - couldn't even run 5 mins, all in all I just had a crappy crappy run - on of my personal worst:S BUUUT I'll be trying again for sure - I've just not managed to go again this week (o the shame!!)

but I'm planning to try it again with my own favorite music and just see what happens:)

good luck to you! and remember - even though if it doesn't happen this time - there is always the next time;)


Thanks for the replies everyone it means a lot W5R3 here I come!!!!!


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