WK6 R1 Back to earth

Early 06:30 start, nice and cool.

Had taken an extra rest day (will be running Tues, Thurs, Sat this week). Night out on Saturday, so the 2 day hangover was really putting me off yesterday!


Switched back my route to the first one, as although it's less hilly always found it more of a challenge. It's pretty much flat and slightly downhill the way there, but a long slow gradual uphill in the last third on the way back has killed me off on a couple of runs on Week 4. So a small demon I wanted to face. Won't class myself as a runner until I can do 5k either direction anyway!

Thankfully managed it, was tougher than I expected and my feet were a bit swollen again at the end, but another one checked off. I stopped recording my cooldown walk a few weeks ago (still record warmup and runs inbetween), and definitely felt it was a longer program today. Last run normally takes me to the 2 mile mark but today was another half mile or so at the end of the last run (Although as ever Strava reports as less). Will probably switch it back for Thursday as will want it as a practice for the big one on Saturday!


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8 Replies

  • Week 6 is a bit tricky but once done then things improve, honest. Keep going steadily - slow but sure is best. Hills are the spawn of Satan but running them sure pays off with improved fitness. Your puff improves no end and your abs get proper firmed up! You just approach them nice and slow. Climbing them carefully and doggedly.

    I don't do hangovers these days having given them up for good some years ago. I can heartily recommend it. Makes running so much easier!

    Keep up the good work Shay and week 6 is in the bag!

  • If the 2 day hangover was putting you off then why put up with it. I gave up heavy drinking a long time ago, there's better things in life like running for one! I get a high from that and it's healthier, probably cheaper in the long term..😊

  • I say that everytime! :D I don't drink during the week and rarely at weekends (maybe a pint with a meal out etc), and its only a couple of times a year I'll have a bit too much. Good points though

  • I hadn't thought of it like that but yes the high from running is better than alcohol induced variety and it lasts longer😀 Don't mind limiting the drink but not prepared to give up the opportunity for a boogie - they are few and far between these days 😞But the late nights that go with it are as bad as a hangover now 😀

  • Well done , yes this can be a toughie going back to the intervals .

    Once this week is done with though, its back to the straight runs , now theres an incentive :-)

    I used to have the hangovers from hell ! They got worse as I got older and took a lot longer to get over too , that's one thing I don't miss at all :-) xxx

  • Well done :-) I wasn't fan of W6 but it's all part of the programme and before you know it, it will be past .....Good luck with R2 Thursday :-)

  • r1w6 was a toughie for me too, and that was without hangover!

    Well done!

  • That's a hard run for a lot of us so well done for getting through. I found that the distance increased from Week 7 onwards once the intervals stopped so don't worry about distance just yet, you're doing great. :) I don't think it's defined by 5k - if you put one foot in front of the other repetitively in a running motion, I'd say you're a runner!! :)

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