Bah humbug :-(

Will I ever get to run again?

Tonight's run, after my long recovery break was postponed due to....yep, injury. Not from running, but from **#&(&!4 decorating of all things :-(

Oh well, ibuprofen, foam roller, a physio wife and a whole bunch of self-pity will hopefully douse the fire in my thigh and remove that piercing hot needle at the base of my back. Nerve pain - shudder.

Sigh - getting old is no fun.


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26 Replies

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  • Oh Yatesy, that is such bad luck, poor you :-(

    Hope you feel better soon xxx

  • Unlucky mate.

    Did you warm up before decorating?

  • Ha ha ! :-D xxx

  • Ha! :-)

  • Being on the IC is like watching paint dry ....... :-( xxx

  • You'll be back in a flash, young man (I guess you're younger than me, i.e. you can't be getting old). Be nice to the physio wife and she will do her magic and get you out there!

  • You have 3 years seniority on me so I will respect my elders :-).

  • Good boy!

  • Oh no, what rotten luck. Still, at least your wife should be able to sort you out. Just a word of advice, be really really really nice to her for the next few days- she has you completely at her mercy........ ;)

  • Yes, I sometimes think she treats Physio on me as marriage counselling/stress relief. I heard massage was sometimes cathartic, but that should be for the patient! :-)

  • Ouch! Hope it recovers quickly πŸ€•

  • Oh no! Well that is a lesson to ys all that decorating is a dangerous past time that we should all steer clear of. Thanks for the tip.

    Just keep going in the right direction with the food and get the wife to watch karate kid and take some tips from MR miyargi (poor spelling I know).

  • I thought the foam roller was for the injury, not the walls? Hope you are better soon.

  • As Bette Davis once said, ( and me in a very early post), " Old age ain't for sissies". But... you must not mention age, else davelinks will get you :)

    Poor you... crocked and fed up....:( Big Hug x

    Okay, sympathy over now... you have got three Ps... Painkillers, Physio' and Planning time!!!

    Plot out some new routes, plan some new challenges, exercise your mind as well as your body, ( important when you get older :) )


    An extra P ...Use phone book to look up number for Painter and Decorator. :)

  • The real kicker here is that yesterday was supposed to the first of my Asics' training plan :-(

  • Wishig you a quick recovery:)

  • hope you feel better soon, use the time to reflect on your journey so far. We always learn more on the IC than off it ( I have anyway)...

  • Take your time to heal. Listen too your body. You'll always get some downs with the ups!

  • Yatesy, hope your not out of action for too long, try the foam roller on it, no! not the fluffy one!😁

  • A physio wife must be a boon 😊

    Get well soon. Join me on the bench. I have some fruit cake! ☺

  • uuuuuuuuummmmmmmm cake :)

  • That's a right bummer !! Stay strong and be patient, you will be back soon 😊

  • Bad luck Yatesy! We don't bounce back quite a quickly these days do we?

    That decorating can be the very devil!

  • Ha, you are not old. Just doing things that should need to be done( but maybe should take second place to the running thing)! None of us are old. We are as young as we run. Says she.... Hopefully as has just got back from s**** day at work, and not doing W9R3. As a question, while you are on the IC, IF I get up tomorrow morning and do the run, would it be ok to do my Grad run on Friday evening do you think?

  • Are you asking if you can do W9R2 and W9R3 on two consecutive days? Not sure, as those rest days are very important. However, me personally, if it was do it on Friday or do it a week later I would see how I feel and risk it.

    But, those rest days really are important as well :-)

  • Yes, I know and you are right. But just wondered whether Thurs a.m. Followed by Friday p.m. Would count as day's rest. Aww, you know what, is just too anal. Have simply been building myself up for Grad run on Friday and hadn't reckoned on life today. So what if it happens on Saturday, Sunday whatever. Have now got some perspective. I really appreciate you replying!

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