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Bah humbug - bad run :(

I know, I know - the next one will be better, don't let this one get you down etc etc. I have told myself all these things, but I'm still feeling a bit fed up about it, so I thought I would come here for some support ;)

I know why - I didn't have time to eat a proper meal last night, and then this morning I had a banana and a couple of cups of coffee at 6:30am but then didn't get out of the door until 9:30am, so I wasn't sufficiently fueled for a run. It's a shame though, because this was my last opportunity until Christmas day (working up until then) and it's such a glorious morning, ideal for a run.

Never mind, the roads will still be there, and at some point soon my schedule will ease off and I will be able to run more regularly again. I hope everyone else has a good run today - enjoy it, wherever you are!

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you've said it all!! I cant add anything..... ;-)

however, what I will say is, you left the couch, you got out there and at least tried!! wouldnt have done that before starting this and Graduating would you? eh? Nooooooo!

so, stop beating yourself up (been there) and get yourself back on track when you can next get out.

Merry Christmas!!



Thanks, ali - we 've all been there, I think! But you are absolutely right, at least I did something, and what's more I will go out again and it will be better :D

Have a wonderful Christmas,



Agree completely with Auntali above! I think a lot of us are at a low ebb just now - I blame the dreich, dark days of winter and lack of vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin! :)


Thanks, oona - but it's nearly the shortest day and we will soon be on our way out again - hooray! Happy running meanwhile :)


Don't worry I had an awful run at the weekend and blogged on here as I was so cheesed off but I've been out since and all was fine.

It happens to everyone so we all know how disheartening it can be but your next run will be better.


Thanks for the support, allie - isn't it dreadful when it happens, though? Theoretically and logically I know why, and that the next run will be better, but emotionally it hits hard. Sorry you had a bad run too, but I'm glad to hear that your run since then was good. Keep it up!


Thanks Anniemurph it is frustrating isn't it? I'm planning to go for run two this week tomorrow early morning but the weathers looking awfully wet. I know I have to go as I'm off to my first park run on Saturday so need to know I can make it and I don't want to run two consecutive days as I'm sure that would be asking for trouble


Oooh - good luck for the Park Run! Enjoy :)


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