W6R3 and Laura's really proud of me!

And that makes me feel so guilty for all the times I've muttered at her and been rude about her (admittedly shocking) taste in music. A hard run today with aching legs, which I'd foreseen two days ago when I had a battle with an uphill on a country walk (boring reasons to do with my medication). It's true what others have posted, though - you do hear all the forum "voices" in your head, cheering you on. Either that, or I'm just hearing voices in my head.... Other Half, aka The Araldite King, has repaired my bone conduction headphones though, so better quality bad music now and less faffing with earbuds and hooks to go over the ears, by which time my phone has locked and I can't swipe it through the plastic of the arm-strap that it's in - cue blood pressure raised and much ranting. So, good news all round. And on to W7! Woop woop!!


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  • Haha- well done Als_mum . The nature of these kind of fitness programs means a lot of fiddling with gadgets. :)

    <goes off to check everything charged and playlist set up for tomorrow...>

  • Well done! I loved that run, my favourite along with W5 R3.

    The badge of glory is in sight. Keep up the good work and enjoy. 😊

  • Whoop whoop indeed - I know it's really sad but I do actually look forward to Laura's praise and feel really cheated when my podcasts have acted up and Laura's abAndoned me! I see the crappy music as a rite of passage in this journey that we are all together on . Well done you- week 7 here you comeπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Well done, another landmark closer to the end!!

  • Well done all downhill now to graduation πŸ˜‰

    Sounds like some poppypug faffing going on there ☺

  • Careful... she might get you :)

  • Oi Oi ! :-D

    Hee hee , my and my faffidge, its getting worse ! :-) xxx

  • :D :D xx

  • Yea I think now I'm on week 7 Laura and he 'music' will be getting the sack!

  • Oh yes, playlists set up and ready. Sorry Indizulu, I really can't handle having "both feet on the ground" any longer! Doesn't help that I'm a musician by training - it drives me nuts. I realised today that I was enjoying the infinitesimal gaps between the tracks and the sound of my feet on the pavement much more than the actual music.....

  • Oh gosh. Those few words and that awful song just rushes back in my head.

  • Same here! Frightening isn't it?

  • Go you! Absolutely brilliant!

    The voices in your head are real... I take loads of folk on my runs with me, most days :)

    My arm band thing drives me nutty! I prefer my belt, at least i can work the zip on it :)

  • Tech is sooo annoying 😑 On my graduation run my Bluetooth headphones ran out of juice, 'Bing! Battery low' it announced 'I only need another 25 minutes' I thought, 'it will last til then', two seconds later 'Spridly Ding' they trilled and went and died. Trying to run while simultaneously trying to unlock my phone, find the Bluetooth page and turn it off while trying not to fall over my feet (last time I fell into the stinging nettles) did little to enhance my enjoyment of Laura's quirky choice of music. You have so much to look forward to πŸ˜‚ Congratulations on being a proper runner and Good Luck for next week πŸ‘

  • Better quality bad music.... yay? Well done on your run. Not long now until you can choose your own tunes.

  • On the last weeks I listened to Laura for the first run so I heard what she had to say (and of course to meet Julie). For runs 2 and 3 I ditched her and did my own thing. Mostly running without music now, but a few motivating songs might be good.

  • Well done - and don't worry, Laura's heard it all before!

  • Well done Mum !

    Sounds like some serious faffidge going on there ! :-)

    I found myself quite liking the tunes at the end, the Russian Cossacks chant type thingy, someone sounding like they were playing a hedge strimmer and of course " Julie "

    Youre doing great, keep going ! :-) xxx

  • "Faffidge" - great word! Those I work with know that faffing is one of my most hated activities, in myself or others, so I can now upgrade it to faffidge. Thanks poppypug , for that and the support!

  • Well done. You are motoring through despite the 'faffing'! 😊

    I am beginning to think Laura's music gets worse as we work through the weeks. I'm sure it was better at the beginning! Or am I looking through rise tinted glasses at the early days?,

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