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W5R3- I did it too!!! Feeling great and other benefits!

Well I know I had a wobbly moment last week, but thanks again for all your support; I had your voices in my head when my own self-defeating ones started to kick in...the ones that go "well it's very wet and windy, it won't be your fault if you start walking now; well those 2 glasses of wine last night are going to stop you completing the 20 minutes; and good grief, your legs are like lead and we're only 5 minutes in!"

I wondered whether it would be better to run to some music of my own, as Laura's music isn't in time with my pace but I decided that I needed her encouragement and to hold my hand, so I'm glad I stuck with her.

There are several surprising things that I have learnt from doing the C25K so far:

1. I am capable of so much more than I thought possible.

2. I now realise that I was depressed, and this running lark has made me feel motivated, happy, energised and alive. I am nearly 48 and felt like an old woman with not much going for me apart from an amazing husband and kids. I injured my neck a year ago and felt that 'my time' had come and gone. But now, I feel ready to try new things; maybe start my own business. I feel amazing!

3. I have started noticing my internal dialogue and am having to re-write it! I am not going to let myself keep on sabotaging my prospects and restricting my life. I have lived in fear for far too long and, although I have realised this a little late in life, I am determined to rectify the situation and seize life by the balls!

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Well done Treemouse for completing this run.

Its amazing to think where we were at the start of this plan and now we are running 20min non stop.

Keep up the good work and don't listen to those voices in your head and all the best for Week 6


Thank you Redskins and good luck and best wishes to you too :)


congratulations on completing week 5. Sounds like this running lark is having some really positive effects on you.


Well done treemouse. A fantastic day for all us fivers. Just imagine what graduation will feel like?

Onwards and upwards to week 6


Well done Treemouse. What an inspirational post. Keep going and keep posting


Well done on completing this run - I believe I told you I had no doubts that you could do it! Your post is very inspiring, you've worked so hard to turn your life around and it's not easy to do that. I can see what's happening though - you are making a success of this programme and this builds your self esteem. More self esteem equals more positive feelings. More positive feelings equal making a success of other parts of your life and wanting to do even more new things. Making a success of even more new things means even more self esteem and so on and so forth. It's a very happy cycle of onwards and upwards. It happens because you took the bull by the horns and put the effort in - you have earned any success that you have.

Now, week 6 - and I think you know what I'm going to say. Please treat it with respect because it's one of the toughest in the programme. Going back to intervals for the first two runs is no soft option and many people get caught out by this after the euphoria of W5. Take W6 very slow and steady, don't become over-confident and stay calm, no matter what. That said, good luck with your next run and my best wishes to you.


Knew you could do it! Well done, enjoy the good feelings. All those positive things just from running- who would 'ave thought it! x


hi! very nice post, motivating and inspirational. And, by the way, very nice cat :)

Good luck!


Hooray! What an uplifting post. All good wishes to you for the rest of your journey.


Very well done, Treemouse. It's just amazing the effect running can have on one's whole outlook, isn't it? One simple act can change so much in life and make so much possible. It's also a bloody brilliant mood-lifter! It's never to late to do anything, in my view. :-) Have you signed-up for any races yet, or Parkrun? Congratulations on doing so well today; having experienced it myself too this very morning, I know exactly how you feel! :-)


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