Nearly half-way!

Just ran my first run of Week 5. I'm definitely getting fitter. My recovery is taking less time despite the runs getting bigger. Bring on the next run (which is the half-way point in this programme), scheduled for Friday morning.

I have attempted to run before and I've always enjoyed having run but this is the first time that I have come close to enjoying the actual running!!


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5 Replies

  • I'm starting week five today, gulp! I was still finding 5 mins hard last week so I am a bit nervous and dreading the 20 mins for the third run, so well done you!

  • Yes, 5 minutes seemed like a long run at week 4, but you've already done 6 x 5 minute runs (two in each session last week) and you've only got 3 to do today. And you get a full 3 minutes to recover between each one. You CAN do it!

  • But 8 mins I can't do, and 20 mins I defo can't do!!

  • When you started at W1R1 did you think you could run for 5 mins? No. But you did it last week. So I'm pretty sure you'll be able to run for 8 mins when you do your second run this week. It won't necessarily be easy, but you are building fitness. I found the jump from week 3 to week 4 mentally daunting as it seemed like a lot more running. But I did it. Lots of people have done this programme already and it works for them. Believe that it will also work for you. We're nearly half way through!

  • I couldn't run fo 1 minute when I started. Thought I would die on week 1 and redid week 1 for about 3 weeks. I'm now half way through week 7 and running 25 minutes. It's taken a bit more than 7 weeks to get this far but have faith. If you stick with the programme and do what Laura says You WILL get there. Even if you don't manage the first W4 run don't be discouraged. Just keep trying until you can. And remember that all the hard work up to now has not been wasted. You are much fitter than when you started. Good luck!

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