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Podcasts or the c25K App?

Morning all,

I wish I knew how to start a poll.

But it has become apparent that on W5R3, the podcasts and app starts to differ, the podcasts having 20 minute steady state run whilst the app has two 8 minute runs with a 5 minute walk in between.

I have not looked in detail yet, but week7-8-9 differ as well, the app only having 8 weeks and the week 8 runs are 30 minute or more runs.

So how many of us are following the App rather than the podcasts?


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I followed the podcasts, graduated just a couple of weeks ago. Now following the stepping stones podcasts.


I'm on the Podcasts, wasn't really aware of the app - reviews on the Itunes App Store seem to give a mixed picture of it though, it sounds like for example i couldn't use Audible or the Podcasts App alongside it and so I'm sticking with what I know. That might change once I get to Graduation though - as I'm not convinced that running with the same music selection for months would be something I'd enjoy.....


Interesting, the app on the site seems to differ to the one tha tI downloaded back in the spring?

Will download the new one and see how that is.


I am using Fitness22's app. I am sure this was the one that the NHS pages were first pushing back in the spring. That app then had the first two weeks for free, and for the cost of a coffee an upgrade for the remaining apps.

I rate it highly, though the American accent is at times irritating.

I see the NHS app by PHE is not well received as you say Albert.



The plan, as it was in the original podcasts, is available as a downloadable spreadsheet, if you look in the pinned posts.


I'm following the NHS C25K, I've listened to couple of other podcasts such as the Zen podcast and cannot remember the other as far as I'm aware the Zen podcast stops at W8 even the W8 differs to that of the NHS C25K podcast.

After listening to Michael Johnson and Sarah Millican's voices narrating the podcast similar to the C25K, I was trying them because you can play your own music in between the voices, I swiftly download the NHS podcast the lovely Laura's voice compensate for her choice of music but did the job for me and got me to graduation, I found her a better trainer.

Agree sorry America not that I have any problem with them but you cannot beat a good clear English accent.


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Most of us are following these podcasts that are available to download from the NHS Couch 2 5k Home page here , they are free :

Here you get the lovely Laura, a genuine C25k graduate :-) xxx


Hi Poppy

I appreciate that. But I downloaded the app that the NHS site was 'pushing' at the time. during using the app as opposed to teh podcasts, Ive noticed that some of the training runs are different, specifically the w3D3 run, 20 minutes compared to two sets of 8 minutes.



I don't really understand that , they weren't " pushing " an app or podcast that you had to pay for, all the NHS ones were free and always have been . :-) xxx


Well from what I recall, I downloaded the app from the NHS page. At the time, week one and two was three, and then you had to pay for it, around £2.00. As it had good reviews I paid for it, and it is very good.

But it has some differences. Visiting the NHS page today, the app is different to the one I have and is not that well rated on the Itunes..

I have downloaded the padcasts today but not yet used one.



I agree with Poppypug. I have worked with the nhs choices and live well site and healthunlocked for over three years and the podcasts have always been free. The new "One you" is free as well. I think there might of been some confusion when going to the App Store brought up paid for apps but they were never the nhs ones.


Sorry but these posts bout paying or not is some what irrelevant to my OP.

I was asking simply who uses the podcasts and who uses an app, be it the NHS one or another flavour......


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