Fell off the thing, and graduated

Hi everyone. Just done a 50 minute run, since that is the first run of 30 plus minutes since W9R2 I think it means that was my graduation run.

I went out fairly late and down the river Mersey as it was getting dark, then out around my triangular run through Didsbury village and back to where I live as I cowarded out of running back down the river.. (I did finish the Alien audiobook while walking the same route today so a bit of spook well earned (still very good even if you have watched the film))

I've had a pretty unhealthy few days since my parkrun on Saturday, and although it hasn't been a long time really feel like I almost gave up. My weight has gone up a lot in those few days and I've been ill on top of it. So I came close but I went for a run and feel like I'm back on the path. People will maybe be pleased I took it very steady, never pushed. Listened to the ducks and the river in the dark, ran past a load of people (school finishers??) having a party in a park, possibly spooking them as I came running out of the woods.

So an odd graduation. Thankyou everyone on here for your support hope everyone is OK! heavyhorse I forgot to take pictures of the dogs back in Skipton, I did walk Blue on Sunday and after I threw his ball across a river/stream I had to wade across to get it back for him..

My favourite method to get him to go in a river or have a drink is to shout "Drink" at him in the same voice as Father Jack from Father Ted


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  • Well done Kally - and I love your dog-training technique!

  • Thankyou Katie :) well done to you also on graduating !! I'm pretty sure Blue made me go mad and not the other way around :) I am sure you will smash the race for life 10k!

  • Thanks - first post-grad run tomorrow! (It should have been today but I was crazy busy with work.)

  • Congratulations on your well deserved graduation! πŸ‘πŸ†πŸΎπŸŽ“. Go and get your badge!

  • Still havent got my badge :P OK I will! Thankyou Iben!!

  • well done , congratulations 😀 now go get your badge! Sorry you have not been feeling too good but glad you are back on track with running, there is always time to sort out your weight, you have been doing so well but I think you need to be more patient with yourself, if does take time! Hope you enjoyed your time back in Skipton and don't forget pics next time!

  • Thankyou heavyhorse :) you have been a tremendous help in keeping going! Sorry about my late reply! Next time there will be photos! Still no postgrad run but ossibly a half marathon in the future which gives me something to plan for!

  • half marathon is partly in my mind for next year! I think its good to have a shortish term plan to keep motivated, I seemed to lose motivation a bit after graduation but because of the triathlon I got back out today and had a good run. I think without it I would have maybe let the procrastination gremlins delay it for another day or two, they are sneaky, you find a way to defeat them then they change their game plan! Will be looking for your post grad post soon though!

  • Well done.... Sounds great and I so love Father Ted!!!!!

  • Congratulations on graduating. Well done 😊

    Don't worry about a couple of pounds put on in the week, a gym personal trainer one said to a friend 'if it's gone on that quickly, it can come off that quickly too'

  • Good saying :) I will hopefully get rid of it soon!!

  • Congratulations on graduating Kallyfudge :)

  • Well done on the graduation run. 50 minutes is impressive!🍾

  • Fantastic Kally , its been quite an adventure hasn't it ? :-)

    Massive Congratulations to you on your Graduation, very well earned and so deserved .

    Don't forget to ask for your badge !

    Keep runnniiinnnnnnnggg ! :-) xxx

  • Thankyou poppypug !! It has been an adventure, many thanks for your help :) Still no postgrad run but some walking to keep the legs in practice. Also with the sun my hayfever is back so started on the drugs again (fortunately they work realy well, I think they need to build up a bit though).

  • Hayfever must be so awful in this weather , poor you :-( Hope you feel better soon xxx

  • Brilliant! Big congratulations to you Kally. You've had a few challenges but you overcame them and here you are! I've enjoyed reading your posts so I hope you'll keep them coming and telling us about your post-grad experiences. What are your plans for running?

  • Thankyou very much IP!! Hopefully I will get a postgrad run in soon, lately just walking when I can! Still hoping to lose more weight before I seriously try any pace increasing plans. A friend rang today and mentioned a half marathon in september I think which was perfect timing to get me off the couch again :)

  • I'm sure you'll do it no problem Kally. Keep us posted.

  • Terrific... well done you, Graduate!

  • Well done you! And s brilliant clip, I love Fatger Ted!

  • Oh crikey! Anyone would think Fr Jackhad typed they last!FECK! DRINK!GIRLS!

  • Haha! Thankyou & It's OK I do the same thing :D Especially if im typing on a phone! I also need to stop wading in river/streams shouting DRINK! at my dog :P

  • Thankyou everyone for your replies and encouragement! Sorry about my own late reply! Plan on doing my first post-grad run soon, have been doing some walking instead (still got bad stomach) but talked to a friend today about entering a half marathon in a few months which was brilliant timing to give me a plan to work on.

    Thankyou everyone! I will keep updating and thankyou and if you havent graduated yet keep pushing! You can do it!!

  • Hi Kallyfudge , to get your Graduates Badge, please see the blue pinned posts on the right , there will be a heading saying Graduates Badge June 2016, you just have to write a post saying that you've completed , and that's it , Taaa- Daaa ! :-)

    Which HM are you thinking of doing ? xxx

  • Hey I'm not sure at the minute which HM, he said early September I think I will let you know! Just posted for my shiny new badge many thanks!

  • No problem Kally xxx

    I'm doing the Manchester Half in October, just wondered if it was that one .

    Good Luck xxx

  • Ooh, I will have to check it out, that would be good, I remembered you mentioned a Manchester one!

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