Nearly fell off the wagon

I haven't posted on this board for a couple of weeks. To be honest I nearly stopped altogether as work & other commitments meant I missed a couple of the week 7 25 minute runs and I felt a bit demotivated about running generally. My wife badgered me into getting out there again and I have now done 2 of the week 8 28 minute runs.

My target (I would stop tomorrow if I didn't have a target to aim for) is a 5km parkrun in 25 mins. W7R1 I went out too fast (again) suffered during km 2 & 3 but was just getting it back under control when my wretched shoelace came undone. Had to stop to retie it and then really legged it for the 5th km but only managed 25:08 for the 5km and then barely managed a jog for the remaining 3 minutes.

This morning I went out a bit slower and was pretty much on pace after 4kms so sped up just a bit and did 5km in 24:50. Hurrah! Also I was able to keep running properly for the remaining 3 minutes which is encouraging.

I am however still somewhat bemused (and slightly irritated) that I am still nowhere near the 24:08 I did back in week 4 when I ran/walked with 5:30 runs and 1:00 walks...


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  • That's fab pace ChrisL, well done. Re your shoelace, my Garmin is set to auto pause (as was Endomondo before) if I stay still more than a few seconds, good for shoelace ties/traffic etc, perhaps you can set your app/watch to that?

  • I could indeed notbad. I did have it set to that before but got fed up with all the 'workout paused' & 'workout restarted' chat when crossing roads etc. I guess I just need to learn to tie my shoelaces properly.

  • Or buy some locking laces!

  • Not heard of them. Have to investigate. Thanks

  • Well done... But remember your training right now is about length not speed... Slow down and after graduating set a goal of getting to 10k... so distance not speed..You will have more chance of not getting an injury and getting more fulfilment if you focus on the are already doing brilliantly and have

    achieved far more than most of us ever will with a 5k!!!

  • Sounds like a great time to me, don't be so hard on yourself :( Well done for getting back on the programme :)

  • Thanks Aliboo

  • I agree focus less on speed but more distance,. Your time is great and the rest was good for you . Good luck and good on your wife for pushing you back out there!!

  • Stick with it and you will get where you want to be. Best wishes.

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