Running in the dark for the first time with my new Kalenji Run Light

There have been lots of posts recently about running in the dark, and I have been worried about how to keep running during the week now that the days are shorter. I read a post a few weeks ago (sorry, I can't remember who it was to tag them) that recommended the Kalenji Run Light sold by Decathlon - as lots of people in their running club use them

So I decided to get one as a graduation reward to try and keep running now that the autumn has arrived. I went out with it last night on my regular running route which is unlit, and it really was great - the light was really bright and clear and I felt really visible and safe. It was comfortable, didn't move around and only weighs 196g, so I really didn't notice it over my running top. Just thought this might help anyone feeling unsure about running in the dark - it is possible, and if running under street lights isn't an option, this might work for you.


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8 Replies

  • Same here, I had my first headlight run this morning. Felt it was needed as I had a trip in the dark a few months ago. Just scuffed my foot on a tree root in tarmac in a dark alley and went over. This morning it was so dark but I could see clearly, such fun!!

  • How funny, we both posted about lights at the same time! Yes, what an amazing difference a good light makes, I felt more confident about where I was putting my feet - so no excuses now about it being too dark!!

  • I looked at this after that last post too and have been meaning to order one! Great to hear more positive feedback. Think I'm definately going to try this one for evening and night running as the nights draw in.🙂

  • This is a well timed post, I ran my favourite route in the dark this evening and there were a couple of places where I couldn't see where I was putting my feet, which was a bit disconcerting....

  • Almost all my runs are done at around 5am and it's really dark out. Even with street lights the roads are very dark in places. I've been wearing something similar except mine is more like a headband with the light on the forehead area. I love it. It definitely makes me feel seen to motorists. I also purchased and wear a magnetic blinking light for my back. I just attach it anywhere on the back of my shirt and turn it on. My husband said he could see me from really far away which gave me comfort I wasn't going to get hit from behind :) If you can get beyond running in the dark by yourself and if you wear these things it's one less thing to worry about. :) I can't believe how much darker it has become in the last few weeks even..crazy how quickly the weather and conditions change.

  • Snap! I did my first evening run with my new kalenji run light tonight. I live in the country and we have no street lights. I have decided to keep to the road and the occasional pavement in the dark, not trails and tracks as I'm on my own most runs. The light was very comfortable, I hardly noticed it. I also wore a fluorescent yellow jacket as I think from a distance a car would see it was a person not just a light or an animal. The only thing I found was the light swung around a bit, so I obviously shake my shoulders around, probably too much and my arms in front of my body made shadows. This probably wouldn't be an issue in a little light street lights etc but it is completely dark here. When I wear a head torch the beam stays more still. I think I may wear both the body torch and a head torch to try another time, but I could see well so have no excuse to curtail my Thursday evening run!

    Happy night running.

  • Interesting, I didn't notice any shadows from my arms and I tightened up the strap so the light didn't move much after a few steps with a shaky beam! I reckon as many lights as possible are a good idea if you're in a totally dark area, I've also got some flashing arm bands, I think I may look like a UFO from a distance 😃 🚥 👍🌌

  • I ran with my head torch tonight but I also take a small hand torch out with me. It has a wrist strap too so I don't lose it

    It's surprising just how dark it is out there, even with street lights

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