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Week 5 - hip pain

Hi everyone. I've been lurking around for a few weeks but this is my first post. I am loving this programme and can't believe I am managing each run! I have some hip pain at the moment. Fairly sure it's not the joint as I can do hip rotation exercises with no pain. The pain is down the outside of my hip - ligament maybe? Anyone else have this and any advice gratefully received on stretches etc. Thanks!

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Hi, I cant tell you why your in pain but I can say it may be worth getting a sports massage as I suffer a weakness in my left side (after having my big toe twisted in the joint and not realising for over 4 yrs) so suffer a lot of pain. Could be a tightness in some of the muscles or you may need to do a few exercises/stretches to balance things out. Hope this helps x


Thanks, I think you're right. Might see a physio.

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Hello! Yes, I (and several others on the forum including poppypug ) have had exactly what you describe - it could be ITB irritation or a touch of bursitis. It's usually caused by an imbalance; in my case when I ran the hip on my weaker side would drop and my knee rotate inwards, ever so slightly, but because running is so repetitive, the cumulative effect was to irritate the ligaments and bursa on that side.

The cure for me was daily hip, glute and quad strengthening exercises - squats, single-legged squats (which I found SO hard at first), bridges and clams, among other things. The amazing thing is they started working within about three weeks. There are videos on YouTube but there is a correct technique in doing the exercises so it's a good idea to have a physio or personal trainer supervise the first time.

I tried doing various stretches for a couple of months on my own, which didn't really have much effect, before finally biting the bullet and going to see my GP who referred me to a physio, and I'm very glad I did. It only took three sessions in the end to make a difference.


I suffered terribly with hip pain, I sympathise xxx

I went to my Doc first and he sent me for an X Ray to rule out any possible fracture. They were clear ( thankfully ) so I went to see a sports physio and was diagnosed with trochanteric bursitis.

I was given the exercises the same as TurboTortoise above, and I was out for about 4 weeks , if I recall correctly.

I did the exercises twice a day and have never suffered since.

Good Luck xxx


I am another one who had shonky hips when I first took up running although for me, the imbalance initially caused pain in my knee!

It took a visit to a sports physio to diagnose the root of the problem and after about six weeks of running with lashings of kinesio tape, and more strengthening exercises than I care to remember, I was able to run pain free.

Squats and single-leg squats were really effective, in my experience.

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