Hip pain after 3 session

Hi All,

I so want to keep up with the couch to 5k- I think it is something I could really keep up with! I have practiced Pilates once a week for four years- it has been amazing for my strength, but really need to work on my cardio! I've enjoyed the first few weeks, but have done one session only of the second week, as a have a dull pain deep in my right hip socket. It started on the second session of the first week, and I thought my Pilates had sorted it, but it came back on the first session of the second week and remains almost constant. Am I going to have to give up!! Feeling demoralised. Can anyone give me advice please?


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  • Hi. I'm on week 4 and my right hip's really started aching too (on the outside).Having got this far I really don't want to give up (even though it's hard work!) Don't want to cause any long term damage so need to find out how to sort it. Have read up info & it looks like rest is needed & in future a good stretching regime after running. Like you I don't want to lose my momentum and I'm a bit fed up. Worried I'm too heavy & too old (49) to carry on running but not going to give up yet!! Good luck.

  • Thanks!- I think we are on the same path, I too am 49, dropping a few pounds will probably help me too- Catch 22- need to run to help shift them!

  • Exactly! Want to get fit & toned before 50 (November - aaaargh) so not going to give up - yet. Hope you get it sorted. Deciding whether or not to run today....

  • My 50th too in November- think I must have a subconscious mid life crisis going on- a case of now or never! Best of luck!!

  • Thanks - you too. Let me know how it's going.🙂

  • It is only session 3. You can expect niggles if you are new to running so I wouldn't give up just yet.

    Have another rest day and see how it feels then

  • Thanks for this. On session 5 now, and yes expected a few niggles but not as painful as this! Tried running though it but just made it worse, will rest for a week then give it another bash.

  • I guess it's very individual but, in case it helps, I have what sounds like a similar pain caused by knock-on from old back injury which affects varying areas at varying times of right leg/foot. Have been going to Physio during runs week1-5 and yesterday she explained right glute muscle holds on too tight over-compensating for lack of core strength. I ran/shuffled yesterday trying to 'tell' my right glute/lower back to relax and run from the strength in my core (no idea if this is good general advice btw). I also have done Pilates for a while. Good luck and hope you manage to work through it.

  • Rest a bit and try again. I did the programme last year with a ten week break following a calf injury and have since had to stop running for periods due to hip, calf and ankle- and my knee is currently dodgy! It's all part of the journey to being a runner!

  • Thanks- that's what I need to know- that you perceived

  • Thank you! That's what I need to know- that you persevered and kept on track even with time off- I'll use you as my inspiration!!

  • Thanks very much everyone, for your replies,

    Guess I'll just rest for a little while- see if that helps, and probably start at the beginning again. Went for an hours walk yesterday- which hip didn't like.

    I do have a niggly back from a bodged epidural- so maybe a knock on effect from that. Although core strength is good from Pilates.

    Good to see your are all running!

  • Pilates and yoga are really good for helping get us moving. Hopefully,you will be good to go before too long 🙂

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