Conversations with Laura wk 5

Hi everyone - I wondered if anyone else has this kind of internal dialog with Laura whilst running:

Hope: Laura - are you there? Surely it's been 60/90 secs / 5 minutes already?

Polite request - Laura, could you please sound a little bit more excited that I'm doing this? I need Rocky movie type motivation to keep going!

Despair: Laura.... hello.. come on.... talk to me.... please? am I nearly there yet?

Introductions: Laura, meet surprised squirrel... surprised squirrel, meet Laura. She's kinda quiet but somehow I just can't seem to stop making myself acquainted 3 days a week...

The list goes on and I'm sure when I set off for wk 5 run 2 tomorrow there will no doubt be some other conversations going on too!!!!!

Keep going everyone!!! I never in a million years thought I could do this!


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16 Replies

  • Funny. And: oh yeah...

  • Ha, ha, some great conversations there (rather one-sided though!).

  • My week 5 convo's with Laura were far more 'colourful' shall we say?!

    I completely fell out with her and didn't like her much in week 6 either!

    By week 9 I didn't want to be parted though!

    Keep with her, she redeems herself 😉

  • I m doing week 6 and we are not getting on well at all. She seems to think that stopping and starting is harder than just going and I m afraid that's not true and as for 25 minutes she can jog on!

  • Tombenoly how did you get on? Have you finished week 6?I did r2 this evening but can't say I'm full of beans for 25 mins on Friday. And it seemed appropriate that Laura's music choice for the final run was 'I'm so wheezy..'

  • I did the same run as you this evening it was better than Monday r1 but I can't see Friday going well. I have my own music and had meat loaf as all the songs are really long nearly 10 mins so I convinced myself I only had to run for one song ha ha. I m very slow covering only 3.5K in the time. My son can walk faster than my rin

  • Ha ha - have no idea what distance I covered I just know it was slow! Still, it's done! Go us! I'll think of you when running on Friday!

    PS did you run like a bat out of hell?!

  • Ha ha no like a snail in treacle

  • Love it!

  • I did this run tonight too and I'm not sure about 25 mins on Friday. The song that makes me chuckle most is the one she says that "it makes me go red" - makes me think of my running face.

  • Hiya - how do you get Laura's music? I use the iPhone app and have to use my own music. I purchased a really cheap and naff running album which I am only sticking with as its been with me throughout this interesting journey. I might even like Laura more if she puts some good tunes on!!

  • Hi Allydee i have downloaded the NHS c25k podcast rather than use an app. I just play whichever podcast is next as I set out. Laura's taste in music is questionable to say the least but it gets the job done and it makes me smile to think about everyone else enduring it too!

  • Yes! But I was usually a lot less polite than you 😂

  • Yep and not internal I'm afraid out in the open, am usually very polite, although less so these last few runs, um!!

  • Me too. Most of my conversations were out loud and thank goodness I run in the middle of nowhere as the air turned blue often. Generally it was when she said, "just 5 minutes left" and all I could see ahead was an interminable hill.

    Happy running!

  • Yes definitely, am also on w5, and poor Laura got quite an ear bashing last week... Especially when she tells me I only have 60 seconds/2 minutes... To go... Hush now woman!

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