Wk 5 - as awesome as it is awful!

Hi everyone,

Just a little post after embarking on week 5 this evening. It was awful... And awesome. I'm sure that makes no sense! I kind of hate Laura a bit, answer her back often, and have serious doubts about my ability to do the rest of the runs this week (especially run 3 - yikes!).

So, Am posting here and now so I can't back out and have to keep plodding on... Or vanish and you'll know the pink smiley known as running scared who popped up on here occasionally stuffed it up and gave up :(

There's these odd moments, in the longer (I mean 5 mins!) runs, where I feel like I've kind of got a rhythm, I even like it and feel like I could do anything, before returning to the doom of the 'can't do its' and the rest of the gremlins!

It's these very rare awesome moments that keep me going on the program. it would be great to know from those further into the program or graduates of course if those odd awesome feelings last a little longer and even stay when you can really run - and if the doom / part hatred of running actually goes away!

Sorry this is such a weird post! :)



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22 Replies

  • Cant answer for anyone but me, the initiall

    Few weeks were grit and determination that slowly gave way to the enjoyment and sheer amazement that yeah I can do this !!!

    There is no secret switch we can use ,some runs feel better than others for many many reasons half of this a mental challenge as much physical

    Honestly stick with it and you too will amaze and surprise yourself as the weeks go by ;)

  • Thanks Rob, this is good to know :) I think you're spot on with mental v physical challenge. Think it is also about patience and realistic expectations - neither of which are strong points for me, but I'm working on it! ;) hopefully I'm also going to grow to love it one day. Onwards and upwards! Thanks, Nat

  • You don't have to give up. Just take your time and repeat a few runs if you think it's all going too fast. There's no law that says we have to stick to the 9 weeks. There are loads of people on here, also graduates, who took longer, or repeated a few weeks. If you give up you won't be running at all. As it is you're already at 5 minutes - and that's fantastic! 6 weeks ago you couldn't do that!

  • You're right, those 60 second runs were truly terrible, so I guess there is progress, even though these runs do mostly feel just as tough. I am more determined to do this than everything else over the years that's fallen away, the spinning, gym memberships, swimming etc. With this, I do see an end goal - not just the program, but park runs and the race for life I signed up for! So, I can't give up and you're absolutely right, stopping means no running, no fitness improvement and for me, a major embarrassment having told so many family and friends I'm doing this! Am so reluctant to repeat more runs, I've done this a fair bit due to major unfitness, fear of the next week and a bout of knee pain just before week 3. But I think I'll see if I manage run 2 and go from there, if I need to do that a few more times to get psyched up and ready for the 20 min run, so be it, I guess it matters a whole lot more to keep running, than to give in or take a lot longer to complete the program. Thank you for the reply and encouragement. Good luck with your journey :)

  • And good luck to you - we're all here cheering you on!

  • Please keep going Nat and have faith in the programme, it works. You can do this and each time you do a run you are a step closer to graduating. If I can do it then seriously anyone can!

    Hang in there and have faith in yourself. You can do this.

    Elsie xxx

  • Thank you. I love the lovely motivation and encouragement here - it really does genuinely spur me on. Well done to you on your journey. I WILL do run 2, think positive, and if I can't make it, I guess I'll do it again until I can. You never know, I might get another couple of seconds where I sort of like it! Thanks again, and good luck with your next run, Nat x

  • i SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY did not think - no, I KNEW - I couldn't do the 20 minute run. I have never run in my life, I'm in my 50s and unfit. At the beginning 60 seconds felt like I was going to die. I couldn't get out there several times a week. I only went once a week (and I think not every week) for the first few weeks. i didn't repeat any, I just plugged on with whatever I was supposed to do next. Feeling awful.

    After Xmas got myself to twice a week (never 3x) so possibly not even 'doing it right'.

    And to my utter amazement I DID THE 20 MINUTES WITHOUT STOPPING OR RUNNING. Could not believe it!

    I didn't feel like a bounding gazelle - i kept it very very slow - but just keep trudging. You will be so proud of yourself. There is some kind of magic in the programme that makes you able to suddenly do that long run. Two minutes in you feel lousy but the interesting thing is you don't feel any worse 19 minutes in than you did at those 2 minutes. So tell yourself 'it doesn't get worse'....and just keep going.

  • Yay. You did it!

    I know what you mean about the extremes of emotion but I'm finding the awesome moments are increasing. Usually my first run in a session is the worst then my confidence builds when I realise I can do it.

    Keep checking in I'm enjoying your updates x

  • Glad it's not just me that's an emotional running being! :) honestly think I go bonkers the minute the app starts up! When's your run 2, or did you nail it already? I'll take a bash at it on Friday... For better or worse, easier or tougher, awesome or awful.... Thanks, Nat

  • Probably tomorrow evening for run 2. I feel (sort of ) ok about 8 mins because it's just 2 runs. I can run twice. Easy peasy!

  • Good luck, go for it, I'll check in to see how you get on. You're my 'day ahead' guru... I'm relying on you to tell me the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth (or just lie a bit and tell me it was easy as pie...) x

  • I definitely think that this programme works on your mental strength as well as the physical aspect .

    I think the sense of achievement upon completing a run is just brilliant , even more so if I found it a particularly tough one !

    Stick with it, you will surprise yourself . You CAN do this ! :-) xxx

  • You're of course right Poppy. There's some fab people on here with great advice, which I need to take and just crack on with this thing. I do feel great after the run, it's the during part that I need to work on! ;) bring on 2 x 8 minutes then, I'm trusting you lot! :)

  • Nat...just do it... !

    We have all experienced this.. it is so totally scary... but if you follow Laura..( even if you think you hate her a bit) you can do this.

    Me.. 65 years old.. scared to death of running for sixty seconds, let alone thirty minutes... graduated just before Christmas...Snowy, foggy,wet, cold and icy runs.. attempted murder by a white van man and a huge puddle.at one point!!!!!

    if I can... you can... Just get out there and go for it! :)

  • Brilliant! Made me laugh Old Floss! A short, unfit 37yr old with no snow, fog or murderous white van man should sail through wk 5 hey! If it was you on the podcast kicking my backside instead of Laura, I'd be game on all the way! Thanks for the motivation and the smile this gave me. Go you! Well done on your achievement.

  • Yep..as my daughter would say..tough love!:)

  • Oh Nat, I know exactly what you mean.

    I remember thinking 'hey I've got a bit of a roll going I'm running properly', then it's gone and your puffing like billio..

    But keep on with the program and you will hit these zones and stay in them once you are in your stride on the longer runs. You have to go through the hard bit to build up your stamina though... so embrace every run as a success on your journey.

    Keep going you are doing fantastically.


  • Thanks so much for this, I think you understand the nonsense I was trying to say! Here's to puffing on tomorrow's run! Thanks again for the lovely encouragement :)

  • I can relate to this i called laura all sorts of names but she's like a true friend you stick by her and she'll do the same, u will get there and you'll look back and know it was worth it! Keep in up ya know ya wanna! Happy running! !!

  • Phew! Thanks Sharon, good to know you learnt to love Laura! I'm going to try my best to make my peace with her tomorrow and just go for it... :) hope I get a nice, shiny grad badge like yours one day :)

  • I found W5R2 one of my most enjoyable runs, running for longer I think helps you find your rhythm. Just make sure you go really slow for the 20 minute run, and if you need to stop to walk for 30 seconds or so don't worry about it, it's not a failure 😊. Thinking that might help with the gremlins

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