Gosh, I didn't sleep well (worrying about this morning's run). Oh, my back's bad, can hardly bend. My knees sore. Minus 1, the roads will be so slippy.

Oh well, off I go ..... Flipping heck, this first 5 minutes seems to be going on forever. 2nd 5 mins - Oh no, I'm virtually going backwards and nearly walking (very slight incline). 3rd 5mins - crikey - I'm going to do this! Last 2 minutes 'you can slow down now' 'No way Laura - I'm going to speed up - this last 2 mins is easier than that first minute's run of week 1'

I DID IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to this forum - all the way round I was thinking of all my 'friends' and knowing I couldn't be the one not to succeed. Whey Hey!!! My goodness this programme is amazing isn't it. How can I possibly be running for 20 mins!!!!!!!!

Thanks a million everyone. Hope you all have good runs today. Love everybody lots!!!!!!!

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  • Well done Buffy! That's the first really big run under your belt. No stopping you now.

  • I certainly feel as if I should be able to do it now, rather than just being terrified all the time!

  • Whoooop whoooooo!!!!! Yay!!!! Well done you!!!! You can do it now!!! Have confidence in yourself!! It is possible. Youve just proved it! X

  • Well done to you! I just did the same. Amazing, hey? What a buzz! :)

  • There you are more amazing than you thought ! Hope you can see now that this is all do-able. Happy running !

  • Yes, for the first time I believe it is do-able. Thanks a million.

  • Brilliant. Well done! A great milestone in the programme.

  • that is wonderful Buffy , you are right the program is amazing but it is you who actually did it :D it takes some doing to go out and run in some of the conditions we are having , you should be mighty proud of yourself :D :D

  • Ahhh thanks Rob - I've come over all funny with a tingle of pride. Thank you.

  • Yay!!! :-D what a feeling eh? And what a way to finish in style, sounds like you had a really strong run :-)

    A great way to start the weekend! Xxx

  • Thanks, yes, its an amazing feeling. Can't believe I, me, Buffy has run for 20 mins!

  • Well done, that's the biggie! Not long now till you get your shiny badge.. xx

  • Ohh, I hope so. Thanks

  • Wahey Buffers ! See , we told you didnt we ?


    Well done to you, this is a massive milestone to overcome and you nailed it ! Week 5 , job completed , big tick :-)

    20 minutes, its a great feeling to think that not that long ago we were just setting off on those first few steps of running for 1 minute , and now here you are , you are doing so well !

    Week 6 next Buffy, Its a bit of a tricky one , but deep breaths, keep calm, slow and steady is the way.

    Good Luck ! :-D xxx

  • Thanks poppypug - hope you're maintaining your high too. Its an amazing boost - but yes, I'm aware people say wk 6 is bad - but hey, I can do anything now! (famous last words!) Not done, 'til I'm done I know.

  • Yay ! This Girl Can , Go for it , Buff :-D xxx

  • Well done. It's a fantastic feeling isn't it - like you can do anything. And you probably can!

  • Thanks Atalaya - hope you're better soon and reach that graduation before too long.

  • Whoop whoop! Well done, a lovely run- sorted x :-D

  • Hey, hey, hey, well done Buffy! It sounds as though you had a fabulous run and are full of confidence for week 6. Best of luck - you won't need it though, you are unstoppable now!

  • Yep, I'm am full of confidence ........ watch out for the fall! No, I won't let anything stop me now. Thanks for all the support.

  • Well done Buffy, that's tremendous.

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