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Wk 5 R3 Done, but why does Laura suggest repeating it

Hi All

I dreaded today like many, but did it, so very happy. I even gave Laura an extra 2 mins at the end. But now I'm not too sure what to do, as surprised to hear her say think about repeating wk5 cos wk6 is tough.

I repeated some previous weeks just cos of life/holidays etc therefore the thought of repeating again whilst I'm in the swing is a bit of a downer.

I did lots and lots of power walking prior to C25K, so much that my nickname became Forrest Gump.

So who repeated week 5 and found a benefit - or those who steamed ahead to week 6 how was it.

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I didn't repeat any of week 5 and found 6 OK, and I was finishing the runs on the dot. So if you are tagging on an extra 2 mins already you'll be fine. It was only in week 8 when I started to feel I could push on beyond Laura's command.

Bear in mind that as the days shorten and the weather nosedives you may find you have to delay runs (unless you are a treadmiller) so I say excelsior!


I thought she only suggested repeating if you didn't complete it.


I myself found week 6 rough. I think maybe she is only suggesting if you did not complete week 5 or you feel you are not ready to move on, there is nothing wrong with repeating a run. So far, as long as I made it through a run, no matter how rough, I have moved on. I agree with mattaitch, as long as you even tagged a few minutes on, you are ready for week 6.


Thanks All - The wind was howling through my headset so I must have miss heard she who is to be obeyed - Laura - week 6 here I come.


Many of us found run 1 of week 6 harder than expected, probably because legs are still a bit tired after the first 20 min run, possibly because after running 20 mins you think back to intervals is going to be easier, but it sounds like you will be fine to move on anyway.

Good luck.


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