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Hardest run yet

So other than controlling my breathing, I haven’t struggled as much as I thought I would with any of the runs. I did w3r1 last night and I was in so much pain!! The pain started when I was walking so I don’t think it’s the distance of the run, my shins were in agony and I think I’ve twisted my knee running on the sand on my previous run, and I barely made it back in one piece.

I continued through the whole run, a lot slower than normal, but I really want to do my next run tomorrow. I know that there will be pain in my knee/shins as they still don’t feel right- Any ides? I really don’t want to take time off as I am really getting in to it and I love running! I am going to try and get hold of some Kinesiology Tape to see if that helps

Any ides?

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If it is that painful... don't run, is my advice. I ran on a twinging knee, ignored the pain and was ten days on the IC.

RICE and see how it goes... not worth really hurting yourself. This is running for enjoyment and it will be there for you when you feel better! :)

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I will try ice on it tonight and a strap if ice doesn’t help and hopefully I will feel up to it tomorrow…

That is true :)


Are both knees and shins bad? Have you twisted one knee and overcompensated somehow by running a little more awkwardly? If my back plays up and I get sciatica I stand all the time on the other side that I end up aching both of them. Can only suggest heat and rest. Good luck


I think I’ve twisted my right knee from running on hard/bumpy sand… not sure but I definitely felt it twisting at the time so I’m sure some ice will help with that or perhaps a strap! The pain in my shins I get often anyways (not sure if it’s shin splints or not), it normally happens during my 5 minute warm up walk and then calms down as I run, but maybe you are right and it’s been painful because I’ve been running different because of my knee pain! I will try ice on my knee tonight and see if I feel up to it tomorrow… I really want to keep going as I enjoy it so much!


Just don't rush it and be put back a week or more, just for the sake of a day or two. You can always do all the stretches etc that the more experienced runners recommend. Fingers crossed. Let us know how it goes!


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