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The Penultimate Run is the hardest

This morning was my penultimate run, having last run on Sunday, which because of a knee injury was my first run in 17 days.

Pleased with my efforts on Sunday I knew this would be a tough run. The R2s of each week have never been my favourites and today on my warm up walk I found myself circled Vulture-like by a squawking seagull - either an ill-omen... or the seagull was just protecting a nearby nest.

Regardless, I set off on my run, glad to have escaped a seagull dive-bomb attack, and instantly my knee began protesting. Keep going I thought and see how we get on. Soon though my back where I had felt a twinge on Sunday - which by the way has been completely fine since - began to come out in sympathy for my knee.

I ran along wondering whether they were connected somehow and as I was compensating for a weaker knee meant my posture had altered perhaps (?)

Anyway, I reached my turning point, just as Michael announced I was halfway through my time. A slower run today, but I didn't care. Today was about getting my last 30 minute runs in for my (now delayed) graduation. In fact, pre-injury I had managed a 5k run on W8R2, so having already achieved that landmark I am just focused on putting in some consistent runs.

Moving on and with the stirrings of a stitch to complement the knee ache and back pain I began to wonder why - whether by intelligent design or natural selection (lets not get into that discussion) - I was still clumsy enough to run in such an ungainly lope that I actually injured myself. Running, is a survival instinct and yet my brain and body are unable to get their act together enough to do it properly.

It then occurred to me that like the unfortunate Wildebeast in those Attenborough documentaries, perhaps mother nature had intended me to be the slow limping one that got caught by the lions so his herd could escape..amazing how the mind wonders on a run, isn't it?

"Time-up," Michael announced, "you have run for 30 minutes." - I could hear the pride in his voice.

And that's the thing isn't it? Today I ran further - no not further - longer, than I have ever run before. And I have done that twice in three days. No wonder my body is complaining. I will give myself an extra days rest, before attempting my graduation run on Friday morning.

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Congrats and well done. Wishing you a more pleasant pain free run on Friday. Looking forward to my run 3 of week 8 tomorrow before moving onto my last week. Looking forward to seeing your graduation badge.


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Thanks damienair , I am feeling fine now, no residual aches or pains at all. Normally its a fine run and ache afterwards. I feel like I could run again (I won't).

Good luck with you last run of Week 8!!


The knee bone is connected to the leg bone.....the leg bone is connected...............

Pain or damage in one area may cause you to carry yourself differently and set off problems in another area. We all know this but becoming a runner will develop your understanding and appreciation of this interconnectedness. Listening to your body becomes easier as you learn these subtle little messages.

I hope you have many more runs ahead of you......not just one more.....the journey is just beginning.

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Thanks IannodaTruffe

If it hadn't been my last week of the program I probably would have taken another weeks rest to be sure, and then perhaps started off on lighter runs; but hey-ho the innocence of the eager novice.


Very well done and of course good luck for the next one, after a well earned rest. Remember everyone here, and the esteemed Mr Johnson, are all rooting for you!

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Ha ha, I swear I heard a catch in his voice when he told me I had managed to run for 30 minutes...


Our bodies give us the best advice... we ignore it at our peril :)

I loved your post...not the sore aching bit, but the seagulls and the lions bit... and yes, my mind wanders all the time on runs:)

Take the extra day... I always have two days between Tuesday and my next run, always Friday :) Then, as ever, slow and steady and cruise your way gently to the Graduation podium, where will all be waiting!!! :)


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Absolutely. If I'm not up to it on Friday, then I will delay running until Sunday 🏃🏃

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