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Rubbishest run yet!

I woke up very early, and, very briefly, considered going for a run, but didn't manage to persuade myself to get up, so when I did eventually drag myself out of bed I was in a bad mood for missing the opportunity. Not so clever! Maybe I need to try the putting out the clothes routine, just in case I wake early - lying brooding certainly isn't the best way to start the day.

Maybe that was partly why I had such a yukky run when I did get round to it, mid afternoon. Perhaps it was too soon after lunch. Maybe I was tired from waking up early. Maybe I'm slightly offcolour - bit of a tickly cough, though it didn't bother me when running. Whatever it was, I had really heavy legs, despite running slower than the last few runs, and it being flat. I ran alongside the canal, so it wasn't tedious roads, it wasn't rainy or dark... I just didn't enjoy it much.

Then my garmin went to sleep for some reason, and at about 12 minutes in, I stopped and walked - first time I've done that since my first run round the parkrun route about 3 weeks ago, when I set off too fast. After a few minutes walking I decided to start running again, but really slowly - I decided it was better to have run at all, than to just walk, and I kept going so the total running came to about 30 minutes, but it was really very tedious!

Perhaps I'd have kept going if the garmin hadn't played up, but that seems a bit of a weak reason to have stopped. Maybe the canalside is harder than I'd thought - come to think of it, one of my earlier harder runs was by the canal - maybe being able to see so far ahead is offputting, even though it's flat. Or, goodness, maybe I do better when it isn't flat? :O

Or maybe it was just as bad run because of a combination of little things - or even just nothing at all. Still, it was good when I got back from the run that I talked to someone else who runs (on a treadmill) and she'd had a really good run followed by a really bad one, and that helped me put it into a bit of perspective.

I still ran for 30 minutes, and that in itself is a success.

Earlier today I got sent a link to this blog (about weight loss, but it applies to being fitter, just as much):

and I liked these comments in it:

"Losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle is not easy. But being out of shape, unhealthy and overweight isn't easy, either. So choose your hard!"

"To me, success is not just reaching the goal. I think that success happens with each and every step you make towards the goal!"

So - even though it wasn't a lot of fun (at all!), it was a success. :)

I hope the next one's a whole lot better though! ;)

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Well done for keeping going, Greenlegs!

As I've mentioned before on here, a marathon-running colleague of mine has a poster up next to her desk which proclaims in large letters "Even the worst run ever is better than no run at all!"

As you say, these things happen, and we may not ever know why. But you managed the 30 minutes, so well done and Keep going!! :-)


Oh, poor greenlegs, maybe it was just 'one of those days'. Perhaps your body was telling you that it wasn't up to it today, but well done for at least getting out and doing it. C'mon, you ran for 30 minutes! Success indeed. I'm sure that after your next run you'll be back to your normal enthusiastic self!.

I get vertigo when I'm near water, so the thought of running along a canal path give me an attack of the vapours! We do have one not far away but I couldn't even think of running along it - I'd likely end up in it! ;-)


Thanks, both of you. :) I felt much better about it once I'd written about it - took a leaf out of Fingalo's book there!

I stay well away from the edge of the canal, as I do keep imagining falling in! Which would not be a good plan at all. :)


I certainly believe it helps. I feel your pain there Greeners, you certainly evoke how you felt. I tend to think there are times we're due a bad run and suspect this was it.

Onward and upward, your next one will be better.


Well, let's hope so! I think next time needs to be a speed session for a bit of variety - a nice short one!


Aye, pick whatever you fancy doing, just as long as it gives you a chance to enjoy it.


Thanks for the link Greenlegs, "Choose your hard", I like that. I had a hard run the other day too (my long easy distance run which I normally love), tomorrow is another day... :-)


Yes, I liked that bit best. It's so easy to forget that the consequences of not doing things (like hard runs) might actually end up being harder than doing them!


Just a bad run, no rhyme or reason to it (who said that?!). I bet the next one will be great :)


I agree that sometimes you do just have a bad run but I found in the winter that I got used to running in the dark and found daylight runs v hard because I could see how far there was to go and even now I have a lovely straight traffic free track for over a km which I hate running Disney as I always get the give up gremlin there. .. (but do ignore him just hard! )


down not Disney. .. gotta love predictive text!


"hate running Disney" did confuse me for a moment there!


im not a disney fan either though...


Oooh I have had plenty of runs that sound just like this Greenlegs but always try and stay positive because as you say, you still ran for 30 mins in total. Some runs are just not fun and bloody hard work but still better than sitting on that couch..... I'm sure your next one will be fine! :)



Sometimes there is no rhythm or reason to a bad run. I've been in a cycle of three bad runs together...just remember the feeling of a good run and continue to get right back out there. (((HUGS))) :-) Gayle


Thanks, everyone! Here's looking towards the good run, whenever it decides to come along!


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