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ONLY one more to go :)


Woopeee just in from a lovely evening run.. never ran evening before.. always first thing in the morning..

Had been sat on the sun lounger for best part of the afternoon , began to turn a bit breezy and I thought. Hmmmm wonder how an evening run feels? Had had a baked potato with salad about an hour before so didn't feel to heavy.. was worried slightly it might effect my run.. with only two till graduation I didn't want to fail :( but it was great.. enjoyed it..well had to push through the last ten minutes..and had ran further than usual so it took me out onto the road/ pavement..and was sweating and beetroot red by then.. just hoped my thirty mins was up before turning onto my estate!! Lol

I did.... it woopeee.. GRADUATION RUN HERE I COME :)

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Hooray, Sparky's nearly graduated! We'll be lined up at the finishing line cheering you on. I think it's great that you still have your enthusiasm after being so long on the IC. Look forward to your running adventures after graduation!

sparky66Graduate in reply to JaySeeSkinny

I'm soooo excited.. loving this running lark :) was a beautiful night.. I'm starving now..away to have a lovely bowl of fruit Xx thanks. Woopeee again!!


Yeah! I've put my shades on - I can already see the badge glinting in the evening sun :)

sparky66Graduate in reply to 90ldfinch

Ooh don't talk about my badge.. you will get me too giddy!!!


Ooooh Sparky , its exciting int it ! :-)

Fab Stuff, so so pleased that you've overcome your injury and youre rocking it Missus !

Well done ! :-) xxx


So glad for you, you've done so well persevering.

I can only do evening runs with this heat. I can't get out at 5am so it's more like 9pm. Does mean I'm a bit tired but it makes for an awesome sleep!

Bring on the final programme run- GO FOR IT...carefully xx

sparky66Graduate in reply to jt24

Thank Jt.. I will be careful.. couldn't bear to be back on the IC so soon again :)

Looking like wed or Thursday for my grad run :) :) :)

sparky66Graduate in reply to jt24

Ahh JT I did have an awsome sleep.. might mix up my runs now.. as you say this hot weather.. :) that's if I get off the sunloungher atall today :)


Ok, so what's the plan for the graduation day celebrations? :)

sparky66Graduate in reply to secan

I've got a little something I'm working on :) show you Thursday:p

Good luck with your graduation run Sparky. You will rock it I'm sure....😄


Woohoo, so close! See you on the other side :)

I do all my runs in the evening (10pm). I stick to well lit quiet streets. I did one run in the day when I had a gig in the evening, and didn't enjoy that so much. It certainly helps you sleep better to run late. Good luck for your graduation run. I graduated on 20th May, since then I have stuck to the three runs per week advice. I did my first Laura-free run on the Monday, with my own music, and stopped after 30 minutes. My three runs since then have all been just over 5k each and I'm proud of myself that I have kept it up since graduation and can now work on improving my time and distance as I feel like it. I've now lost 2 stone since starting C25K - the equivalent of 28 guineapigs, apparently, which is an amusing thought. The idea of shoving 28 guineapigs into my running top and leggings before setting off is terrifying. No wonder I was struggling on week 1.


Good luck for Thursday. Nearly there! Awesome xxx


Go sparky!!!! :)


Ooft the running gremlins have strange powers I never knew of.. they have cast a head cold over me now..

I'm just putting hubby and boys tea on table before setting out swimming..relax and stretch everything preparing for tomorrow's run.. .. now nose dripping.. sneezing.. Will bugger up my breathing in swimming..

Two quick tangerines for added vitamin c. I will not succumb to their evil ploys!!!

IrishprincessGraduate in reply to sparky66

Oh no sparky! Get an early night and see how you feel in the morning. If you don't feel well then it's better to postpone it. You'll want to enjoy and relish this one. Fingers crossed. 🙏

secanGraduate in reply to sparky66

I think it is just a bit of "stage fright"; if the cold allows you to swim, you can run too. ;)

Just think of it as "a run" instead of "the graduation run" and those gremlins will suddenly lose their teeth.

Go, road-runner! Beep-beep!

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