Post Migraine W9R1 🤕

Well I went out and did it! My first 30 minutes done 👍 I never thought when I started W25K I could do it, I thought things like that were for other people not lazy bods like me. Running the day after a migraine is not something I would recommend and I probably won't do it again but I was feeling very low and in need of some endorphins. The stabbing pain in my head about half way through sucked but tripping over my own feet and in to a patch of stinging nettles certainly took my mind off it. Onwards to W9R2 on Wednesday.......


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5 Replies

  • Ouch!! You are most definitely committed to running. I don't think I could have done a run after a migraine. I hope you felt better afterwards. I've just done my w9r1. I felt it a bit of a struggle today if I'm honest - lots of reasons. Good luck with w9r2.

  • Aww, that's most unfortunate. Wednesday's run will obviously be less grueling, and then you're onto the graduation run :)

  • 30 minutes is fantastic, well done and when you're not your best as well. Sorry to hear about nettles, once fell in some as a child- scarred me (mentally not physically) can't abide them!

  • Believe it or not my leg is still stinging 6 hours later! I think I will give them a wide berth next time, unfortunately there are brambles on the other side of the path. Maybe some protective equipment may be in order? Do they do adult sized hamster balls?

  • It's surprising how painful those pesky nettle stings are as an adult. :)

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