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Great weekend of running :)

I was struggling with the second 5 min run on week 4 last week, I repeated the run an extra time to see if I just needed to build up to it but decided in the end that maybe it was that shorter 1.5 min walk before the 2nd 5 min run that was doing it...not long enough for me to recover properly but long enough to lose my running "momentum"... So I moved up to w5r1 this morning, almost chickened out and changed the podcast on the warm up, but I did it, 3 x 5 min runs!

This running business must be infectious too as my 2 eldest kids (10 and 12) have started coming out with me a few times, they are a great distraction (even if they run with sickening ease compared to me!) but they decided to try our new junior parkrun yesterday with their new found longer distance skills, and they nailed it, one in 8.52 and the elder one in 9.47.

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That's brilliant - well done! I did WK5R1 this morning too. The first run was tough but the other 2 OK, I think I'd got into my stride by then.... Good to see your kids supporting too. It was my 17 year old daughter who inspired me to get active as she runs 5k a few times a week. One day soon I'll be doing that, I hope!

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This is good news Biscuit0107 and Feelingsilly i am due to do w5r1 tomorrow. Was my daughter who suggested it to me and she said she'll come with me tomorrow when I brave the great outdoors! Well done to you both


Well done!! I am starting Week 5 tonight, a bit apprehensive as Week Four is still tough but I think I just need to go for it too!


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