First try!

Hi, when I first saw this program. It scared the dickens out of me. I thought that I could not run for one minute. You know, I was right!

A month ago. I was 92kg and I was very unfit. My belly comes out so far, I swear I could use it as a table.

So I came up with a plan of action. I started by walking. Even this put my heart rate into what I found to be scary levels. I know the monitors on the tread mills are out but still I was worried when it went above 175. So I worked for a week. To make my heart rate be less than 160 when walking on a tread mill at 5.5 km/h. This worked. Soon I could coupe with more.

Then I introduced running for the first time. I asked myself to walk for ten min then run for one min. Then walk for ten min. Then move onto other equipment for 5 min on each type.

Week 3 , I decided to run more, now it was walk for ten, run for one min, walk for 10 min, run for 1 min and walk for 5 . Before moving to other equipment,

Week 4, I decided to make it harder, now it's walk for ten, run for 1, walk for 4 run for 1 , walk for 4 and run for 1 and walk for 5 min before moving to other things.

Week 5. I decided to make it hard. I kept the routine the same but the last 5 min before cool down. I added walk for 4 min at an incline of 10.0 and reduce it be 1 every thirty seconds. And then a run for 1 min.

Week 6

Celebrate. I had a yogurt. I. Tried your program today. It was hard but I managed to do it. Then I added an extra 25 min excercise. Of different equipment. I am proud of myself.

Stepped on scale and it says I'm 8.4 kg today.


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17 Replies

  • Lol I ment to say 88.4 kg today

  • Well done you! Slow and steady, that's the way. Great post :-)

  • Well done.......keep up the good work........well done on your weight loss 😃

  • Great to hear you're making the program work for you. You'll find you improve so fast, it's hard to believe.

  • Thanks guys. I'm trying to work out 5 days a week. Today I took an easier path only ran 1 min every 5 min and repeated 4 times. Before going on a bike and a stepper for 😀 5 min. Then walk 5 min. And then challenge with a hill walk on a treadmill reducing by 1 every 30 sec. Before final 1 min run and 10 min cool down.

  • Tomorrow I try this programmed run again. I'm a bit nervous.

  • I joined a new gym today. It's wonderful. I love it. Much better than the hotel I was using.

  • I ment to add completed day 2 today. I found it harder in the new gym. It made me wonder if the machines are calibrated differently. Anyway, I did it but without an incline on the treadmill.

    I am happy I managed it even if I did struggle a bit.

  • Some days are just harder, no rhyme or reason. Our bodies and minds are funny that way.

  • I'm tempted. It does a lot of classes. But what exactly is a spin class? Is that when you turn around real fast till you fall down? Like when you were little?

  • If only eh? Spin is done on exercise bikes, I only did one class and found it really hard. I will have another go when a beginner's session comes up.

  • Oh bikes, I'm not sure if I like bikes. I limit myself to 5 min on them. I don't find them comfortable

  • Today I did an easy day in the gym, walking, cycling and using the stepper for a combined total of 50 min

  • Today, is my one day of work. So I decided no running. I walked in the shopping mall. Stopped in a hotel and asked for a designer salad. And to my great joy they made and it was cheap.

    This I went to buy a swim suit. And decided to go swim 3 laps. Then I went to the sauna. Spoiling myself. Even bought some nice channel soap. For when I'm good and run,

    For supper tonight I was not so good. I had chicken stuffed with mushrooms with a cherry sauce. With carrots, green beans and mashed swede. For desert I had three flavoured mouse trifle. Naughty but nice!

    Tomorrow I will rest completely. Monday I hope to do my last day of week ones training and move on to week two. I hope!

  • Took yesterday off excercise and today did the final run of week 1. I was not fast . People I think can walk at my job speed. Should I do week one again but faster? Or move on?

  • As long as you managed to complete all of the runs and walks then you should move on. I think a lot of us feel that our runs/jogs are slower than our walks especially in the early weeks. But as Laura is always saying go slow and if you need to, slow down. Well done so far and keep up the work. Remember your legs need rest days too.

    Happy Running

  • When I started I could only run 20 seconds. Well done you for taking it nice and slow. and steady!

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