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Funny sort of run today

I got the news this week that my ferritin has come up a little so I went out today being able to up the interval times. Things are so busy at the moment I decided to run near home, usually I go down to the park and have a long walk home through the woods. I haven't run near home since the wk5 run 3, fail ages ago.

My brain still seems to remember, even before I set off it was saying you can't do this. Any way I pushed forward and did two intervals one of 10 min and one of 8 min. My legs were feeling really strange as I was running in a treadmill on Monday. I did a full 20 min on the treadmill. Does anyone know if that uses slightly different muscles? They eased up a bit and I stretched them afterwards.

Also my music packed up so for the the first time I was running naked. I am undecided about it. But I have a feeling running without music makes you run a bit more steady. I think I will have to go out for a purposeful naked run.

All in all I have come home with the feeling I have learnt something about running me.

1. My brain is not always right

2. I should try naked runs more often

3. I think I need to get tougher with myself. Now I can push

Myself, I must.

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That's great - I know what you mean about the brain remembering the place of a 'fail' - sometimes it can set up quite a psychological barrier and so it's a great achievement to break through that. Let us know how you get on with the naked running! I always run naked, and yes it's easy to keep steady, but I sometimes wonder whether music might speed me up a bit.


I am going to try running naked again. I have always exercised to music I find it part of the stress relief so it will feel very strange, I am going to do that run all over Xmas to time conserve so hopefully will have retrained my brain. Thanks for the support.


So glad you are feeling better and that you were out there running. I am going to have a go today as I feel so much better. Pushing a bit is fine but be kind to yourself too!

I always run naked now, much prefer it.


I know I have a tendency to run before I can walk. (That has new meaning now). I promise to take it easy if you will. Thanks for the encouragement.


You are welcome, I am off out shortly and do plan to go easy as it's my first run for what seems like a long 8 days.


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