Hatfield 10k - aka Hoohaah the 3rd

Hatfield 10k - aka Hoohaah the 3rd

Apologies firstly to Digger74 , for the late post. This was the last of the Hoohaah series on NT properties, the first at Ickworth House , second at Wimpole Hall, on completion of all three a hoodie or jacket was yours.....oh the vanity of more bling....and a prized garment!

Well, day started off early as OH is injured and decided to marshal - turns out he's got a stress fracture (X-ray Monday) been walking, and trying to run on it since February - he completed the Cambridge HM and got this as well as his medal! Curlygurly2 thought you might like to know..... Hospital staff just shook their heads and said, you runners are nuts....his first question at fracture clinic will be 'when can I run....'

Anyway, driving into the venue the forest looked great and I was so looking forward to being within those trees - had a grotty week last week/work things/woman of a certain age etc., .

The first part was on gravel road and grass tracks, surprisingly more smelly roundabouts than those encountered at Wimpole Hall and no dairy friends to be seen......a little bit of a hill, but nothing like those at the other two, then it was off into the woods, a lovely wide track, cooler than 'outside' it was quite warm and humid. This track was quite long and fairly straight, then out into the sunlight again, across fields, but again much flatter, round some wooded parts again, one bit was a surprise, a large tree branch just about at head level, they had put some hazard tape on it, but I did wonder how the faster runners had negotiated that without knocking themselves out..........the water station was almost at the 6k mark, which I thought was a bit cheeky.

After the water station continuing cross country, I commented to some marshals that in my head 'I am sprinting', they kindly agreed! πŸ˜„

I had to walk from about 8k as had a sore calf - old shoes/new shoes - note to self - twinges from old shoes - do not try and make old shoes last longer.......

Trilogy completed and prized jacket obtained - I like a running jacket, more likely to use than a hoodie, this scrunches up into a zip pocket and has an elastic band/belt so you can carry it easily - fab! - a highly recommended set of 'races' very relaxed - in fact I've signed up for the 10 miler at Wimpole Hall in October - oh dear! 😱 Lordy that had the biggest hill - downwards......aaarrrrrggghhhh!

Happy running all!


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  • That all sounds brilliant Madge and I'm sure you had a blast doing your nutty* thing through the NT properties! I love the bling and the jacket is just a perfect colour 😊

    I hope the calf behaves. Lots of stretching is in order I think.

    *the hospital staff know nothing.

  • Thanks IP, yes, I know what happened, I ran a day later than normal in dying shoes, cancelled my midweek run and will aim for a trot at parkrun on Saturday (in new shoes) , so far so good.

    There were fantastic views at all three, despite the very 'undulating' terrain at the first two! NT sport, highly recommended.

    OH had to go via A&E, where there were some 'dying swans' who miraculously managed to walk out after moaning and groaning, there's him saying to the receptionist, standing there, 'apparently I've got a broken leg' made them do a double take!


  • Haha! Love it.

  • I must also add the jacket is perfect, really happy with it, long in the body, long sleeves, and it's got a concealed hood, Hoohaah is run by runners, so their gear is pretty good.

    The hoodie was purple this year.


  • Well finally! Well done and what a handsome set of bling! They must have herded away the red polls for the run, probably wise. It sounds like Hatfield was the kinder course of the 3 - shame your calf wasn't on-side. Which was the most fun? I think I'll have to at least do the Hatfield Forest one next year (up to 8k so far).

    Hope the calf calms down soon. And how long does a stress fracture take to mend?! My OH ran the Cambridge HM a few years ago, but I've got no ambitions to go quite that far...

  • Hi Digger, the red polls were crossing the road as we drove in, they didn't look interested at all! Hatfield was certainly the best conditions and flattest, but I'd like to do Ickworth without all the mud, (despite the hills!) it would have been nice to enjoy the scenery more rather than watching the ground the whole time!

    I think my calf will be ok for parkrun on Saturday - but I shall take it easy

    OH has been walking, and trying to run, (5k and 10k) all this time, the X-ray showed it's already starting to heal, the physio reckons 4 weeks before any further rehab/exercise, normally about 6-8 weeks, then rehab I think. So he's not too unhappy and glad we now know what the problem is.

    I'm thinking about the Cambridge half......maybe, got to see how I get on with the 10 miler first.....


  • Just wow! It sounds amazing! The bling is brilliant too!

  • Very impressed with the King and the jacket -well done!

  • *bling*

  • Oh yes, mighty fine set of bling there our Madge! Nice jacket too!

    Rick's been running on a broken leg for 4 months? Yes that's nuts! Give him a hug from me. xx

  • It's funny, they did have a discussion about putting him in a cast, luckily they didn't! I've told him he's got to be careful what he says about running, they might put him in a cast just for the fun if it!


  • Wouldn't stop him would it? XX

  • No I doubt it, what are we like! Even on Sunday with my sore calf, I was thinking, if I could work out a way to hop at speed I'd be fine......πŸ˜†

  • Oh Madge ! That bling and the jacket is the dogs wotsits ! Cor, fab !

    Look after that calf wont you ? I know you will xxx

    Poor hubby , fancy that ! Blimey, a stress fracture !!

    Sounds like you had a good event , lovely post ! :-) xxx

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