10K on holiday :-)

10K on holiday :-)

Just returned from a lovely break away and while we were camping I took a look at the map. There was a lovely country park about 10K away so I plotted a route through back lanes and footpaths from there to the campsite. Then I asked my husband to drive and drop me there, which he did.

It was scary how far we drove and I was questioning myself if I had miscalculated the distance. My husband was concerned too. I didn't tell him I was nervous but I was thinking it looked SO far!

It was such a lovely run though. Hilly and varied and I had to do a dogleg to avoid a cow field (had a nasty experience with cows once!)

The views were great and it was brilliant to run a to route somewhere rather than just round or back and forth. I ran out of route at the end and had to run a bit of beach by the campsite at the end. I was so pleased with myself, I was buzzing and felt I could have done more. I recommend it as a thing to do :-)

My time was 1hr 9mins, so room for improvement, but so pleased to have reached 10K. Thanks to everyone here for your advice and encouragement

Happy running! :-)


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29 Replies

  • Thanks kittykat :-)

    Unpredictable is the right word for cows. They once charged and surrounded me and I had to crawl through a Hawthorn hedge to escape.... and I didn't have my dog. Bullocks!

  • Wow I_will Congratulations ! That is some going that :-) Fab photo too , hope you had a great time :-) xxx

  • Thanks PoppyPug....hey, you changed your pic! :-)

    I (sadly?) missed the forum!

  • Yes I am now Madge from Benidorm :-D

    Good to have you back, with a nice 10k tucked under your belt and a ice cream too ! :-) xxx

  • Hey, look, I brought one back for you..... *presents you with a soggy cone and puddle of vanilla*

    It's the thought that counts!!

  • Gee , thanks :-D xxx

  • Feels bad and makes you a beautiful cream tea! :D

  • Ha ha, Oooh and extra cream too , just how I like it :-D xxx

  • Wow well done! It sounds like a fabulous run in beautiful surroundings and you still had something in the tank after 10K. Isn't it lovely that we all want to keep running whilst on our holidays? Where was the picture of, btw? It is stunning.

    You have made me really excited for my hols in November. I am staying on a canal narrow boat and so will be able to run on flat tow paths. Where I live you have up hill and down hill, flat does not exist :)

  • Well, I er, went on holiday about an hours drive from where I live!! It's the North coast of Cornwall :-)

    A narrow boat holiday and flat running route sounds fun. I do like the hills though, it makes variety and good views I think :-)

    Have a lovely holiday when you go. November will be lovely for that, especially if you have a little woodburner to snuggle up next to!

  • I_will that sounds absolutely amazing. What a wonderful way to do 10k, and how brave of you to attempt it in the first place. Lovely photograph too and a cracking time :)

  • Thanks AM :-)

    Hope you're well and truly off the injury couch now?

  • Not quite but getting there and definitely feeling happier :)

  • Glad you're moving in the right direction :-)

    If only we had a magic wand.......

  • What a lovely photo! Your run sounds great. I've never thought of getting someone to take me somewhere and let me run home again, that sounds like a good idea which I should try sometime. Glad you have had a lovely time away and come back inspired :)

  • Thank you :-)

    Were you previously MissSparkle? Did you get married may I ask? Or are you related to MissSparkle, or am I simply losing the plot?

  • I've been MrsSparkle for 22 years!

  • Oops! It says something about my observation skills! Apologies :-)

  • Welcome back; great to see you again! :-) Sounds like you had a nice holiday; looks lovely too going by the lovely photo!

    Very well done on your 10K; fantastic achievement and a really great time too. Bet you're feeling delighted by it still - and rightly so too! Congratulations! :-)

  • Yay! Hi! :-)

    I did it, I did it!! And I liked it! I want to to it again :-)

    I did some intervals on the sand yesterday and that was hard. I'm wondering if I'm more built for distance rather than speed but I want to be good at both. I've read that intervals and hill training can take a few weeks to show results though, so I'll hold fire on commenting on that!

    Thanks :-)

  • Sounds like a lovely run and if I can do that time I will be very happy indeed. Congratulations and sounds like the perfect place to run, I love the seaside.

  • Yes, and you get icecreams afterwards as rewards!! :-)

  • Yum yum

  • Hi I Will. Sounds like you had a fab holiday. Good on you for running as well. What a lovely spot for a bit of running!

    I really fancy running on the seafront somewhere. Sigh. Maybe one day. LOL

  • Come to Cornwall! Some of the beaches here go on for miles...I'm sure you know. The one I stayed at I could easily have done a 5k on I think, there and back. The second time I went for intervals I met 4 other runners and there were at least 3 others in the distance. My dog loved it!

    Plus Pasties and cream teas. I do love this county!!

  • Love your picture and your postI I-will; congratulations on your 10k run! Fantastic :)

  • Thanks jaxmc64 :-)

  • Beautiful photo, and it sounds like an epic run, congrats on 10km, you must feel on top of the world. Such a great suggestion about getting someone to drop you off so you can run back....must give it a go.

  • It was great! If you ever get the opportunity....5K seems like a long way in a car too :-)

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