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Week7 done✔

Did run1 on Monday, started a bit ropey but got into the swing of it, the last 5 minutes seemed to take forever, I had to will myself on to finish which I did on wobbly legs.

Run2 on Thursday went better. Legs didn't wobble and breathing better.

Run3 today, I don't know how it happened but everything fell into place breathing, pace and rhythm. Best run yet and dare I say I actually enjoyed it.🐵

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Fab stuff. Each run is getting you stronger and fitter.


Thanks. I must say I do feel a lot better in myself since I started C25K.


You quickly catch the bug, don't you! Onwards and upwards, great to have something to look forward to. I'm only one run behind you!


I never thought I would look forward to going out for a run even if it is a slow one.


Wow you're so near to the badge of glory and a brilliant last run there. Well done. Keep on keeping on 😊


Thanks. Nice to see you back in the game. I can't believe I've only got 2 more weeks left to do, where as the time gone.

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