W4R2 done

Completed last night :) Didn't particularly enjoy it but it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.

The achy legs kicked in as soon as I finished the first 3 min run. My Mum came with me as I previously mentioned & at 9stone wet through she has less weight to carry & is much fitter than me, so off she went & just kept jogging on the spot while I caught up. Not great for my motivation but hey ho.

Anyway I was telling her about my achy legs & she said maybe you're running too slow. She honestly just couldn't run as slow as I was doing. Now of course all I have in my head is slow & steady but I thought why not try going just a bit faster whilst I was doing the first 5 min run & hey presto the achy legs weren't nearly as achy!!!

Yes I was more out of breath but I seem to be controlling my breathing ok so I wasn't worried about that but it felt so much better on the second lot of runs with my legs not aching as much.

R3 tomorrow instead of Sunday this week as our plans for the weekend have changed so will try that bit faster & see how I go :)

Fingers crossed & good luck everyone x


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12 Replies

  • Well done!😊 you'll be as fit as your mum before you know it! You will get a few little ache & pain niggles, don't run too fast! Are you trying to keep up with your faster mum? Don't do that! Only run at a speed you're comfortable with, you only need to be just above walking speed, don't push it😀

  • Hi Dave

    No, as per my previous posts I run slower than a snail, actually it's more of a fast walk with a jiggly bum ;)

    Mum came for the first time last night & even when I sped up she was still well ahead even though we were both only going slow. I am not & will not push it otherwise I'll hate it & give up!!

    I had my music on in one ear & told her if I was going too slow to just head off I didn't mind but I was sticking to what I was comfortable at. As it happens I felt better going a touch faster :) x

  • Sorry, I haven't read your previous posts, nor do I plan to, but aching legs are usually down to going too fast as a lot of newbies do, and not the other way around...

  • Well unfortunately in this scenario that is the case.

  • Well done Vicky, those achy legs ah ! no gain without pain, we must be getting lots of gain then. My R3 tomorrow, lots of possitive thoughts. Just bought a "Tomtom running watch" this running must be getting serious. I thought that tomorrow I would complete

    R3 then continue and walk the rest of the 5K, to get used to the distance.

  • Thanks Patrick, that sounds like a great idea.

    I saw a post on here the other day about issues with the TomTom watch, you'll have to see if you can find it, I have no idea who it was that was talking about it though, sorry. I think it was in answer to a post about someone's heart rate shooting up but there's a known fault with it??

    Enjoy R3 & when we both complete tomorrow we can compare :) :) :)


  • That was me with the heart rate issues and the watch. I am now leaving it at home until I have graduated as obsessing about my heart rate was making me panic, which is not good when you are running!

  • Ahhh glad you spotted it haha. Good on you I hope it's making you feel better leaving it at home x

  • Well done Vicky and good luck with run 3, just keep at it its all about completing the relevant days podcast not about speed

  • Yay! Well done Vicky, sounds like you did great!

    I did LOL @ your fast walk with jiggly bum, that's what I'm like!!

    I'll be heading out on my W4R3 tomorrow too. Slightly apprehensive as I really struggled with R2 but if it's really bad I'll stick on W4 for another week until I get the hang of it I think.

    Let us know how you get on :-)

  • I love how you describe your run, fast walk with a jiggly bum 😀. I did couch to 5k a few years ago and completed the programme but unfortunately I didn't keep up with the running and I have now had to start again. I'm about to start week 4 tomorrow. This time I am running slower and finding it a lot easier than last time. Before I didn't really pace myself and ran out of steam quickly. Slow and steady will definitely help once running for longer. You can work on pace once you have graduated, which you will! Good luck and keep going

  • I don't actually know why they call it running as I'm lucky if I even look like I'm jogging really really really slowly haha x

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