Week Three Done

Week Three Done

The picture shows the end of the 5 min warm-up - the run starts here!

No great drama, I just dug in and did the work. I'm starting to find a rhythm in the legs on the runs, and I'm continuing to work on my breathing. Where last week my technique, such as it is, would fall apart before the end of a 90 sec run, this week the 90 sec rhythm was better, but 3 mins pushed me to the limit.

I'm thinking that C25K is like a good book. I can't wait to get to the end to find out how things go, but at the same time, I want it to last as long as possible.

Unlike a lot of people that don't want to know what they are going to be challenged with next week, I'm the opposite. I always want to know precisely what I'm getting into. That's why I knew what week nine consisted of even before I'd started week one. I'm still worried about actually doing it, week-by-week, but I trust in the programme. I've even got a tentative plan for what comes after graduation, and it involves a lot of Laura.

I'm looking forward to Monday and w4r1.


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29 Replies

  • Lovely... That is a great starting place !!

    Finding your happy pace end letting your running legs just carry you along is terrific isn't it?

    Try not to overthink things, especially your breathing and just relax into those runs :)

    Well done you!

  • Hah! I know, I know. I do overthink things. It's just how my mind works. I do try to wind it in, honest. A bit earlier I opened my daily digest from Flipbook and it directed me to an article on Huffington Post entitled, "Don't Overthink, Just Do (The Overthinker’s Guide To Taking Action)." I'll read it carefully:).

  • We runners are a funny lot aren't we? - some follow the no peeking rule and that was me, because I didn't want to give myself an excuse not to go out one day because I was frightened, some like to read it all up and have it planned like their land AtoZ and others peek a week at a time. It doesn't matter which you are, because whatever works for you is your best approach. Week 3 I felt was a lovely one, because it seemed like I had crossed the Rubicon and was definitely running.

    You sound as though you're quite in your stride now (forgive the pun) and that's fab. Happy running next week. And that's a lovely Lane to run down btw

  • Thanks, Jan. You're dead right about week 3. It just feels like the real running has started now.

    My lane is dead straight from there for about 1.25k, then does a 90 right and is dead straight for another 1.4k. So a there and back gives (or will give when I can do it) a good 5k. Some people might find it boring, but I like not having to worry about negotiating obstacles. The only problem is that I have to share it with big tractors, combine harvesters, lorries, and even a few cars. So I run early, even before the farmers are out and about.

  • As Irish-John says a run is a run is a run. And actually I think there's something in what you say about not having obstacles, I got really spooked the other day when I got juggernauted by the side of the road! So enjoy next week.

  • Yes, but wouldn't that be an Italian Juggernaut? That must be a whole new scary!

  • Molto scary...

  • Before the farmers? That must be early!

  • Back in the house at 05:50 this morning. But that's not early. I got into the habit of getting up early before I retired by getting up at 4 am to commute several days a week - an hour's drive, 90 mins on a train, then a 30 min walk from Kings Cross into the City, by St Paul's. At my desk by 08:30.

    I couldn't get out of the habit and continued getting up at 4 am for years. It's only recently that I've been able to sleep later than 6 am. Now, c25k has started getting me up quite early again, and I love it. But I do go to bed early.

  • Yep early. 4am is the end of the night for me (my shifts used to be 16:00 - 02:00).

    Good luck with week 4 :)

  • Cheers!

  • Ha - know what you mean about tractors and other traffic ( including the milking herd of cows if I mistime my run). I try to get out early to avoid traffic but I do envy you that lovely straight lane - mine has lots of blind bends (and hills!) and I have to cross from side to side to be visible! But isn't it just great to be out in the quiet and fresh morning air - never seems to get boring.

  • I'm very happy about being able to see any traffic long before it gets close. Even so, I wear a thin hi-vis vest over my top. I still have to look behind every so often, which is annoying, especially at this stage in my running career, when I need all my concentration to get one foot in front of the other.

    I have a couple of herds of cows, too, but these are breeding cattle, so they stay put in their fields for long periods. They just cheer me on as I go past.

    Yes, it's lovely to be out in the crisp morning air. My main reason for beginning c25k was to gain all the health benefits that I could and to increase the length of my healthy life as much as possible by being as fit as possible. I read the article that you posted re. the Danish study. It seems to me that the wholly moderate ethos of c25k fits exactly with the findings of that study. I particularly thought this was summed up in the sentence, "If your goal is to decrease risk of death and improve life expectancy, jogging a few times a week at a moderate pace is a good strategy." Four to five km in 30 mins is completely in line with that. It's a shame that your difficult route makes that journey less than ideal. Best wishes.

  • Great post, and what a fabulous place for running. I totally agree about C25k being like a good book - a perfect analogy.

    Glad things are going well. :)

  • Thanks, I'm loving this journey. One of the best things I've ever done, and a great bunch of people to share it with.

  • Great scenery, which helps! I have graduated before, but currently a week ahead of you. I think longer runs may just suit you, you just seem to find a rhythm, a flow, a groove, over the 5 minute mark. It will happen to you like it did for me last night, everyone who has posted here is right, the most amazing feeling. Oldfloss is right though, you have to get relaxed then keep relaxed, which may mean slowing a little. You have so much to look forward to. Highly recommend lauras speed plus post graduation, because i know you are already planning for that!

  • Thanks, dandydemon. I hope I didn't give the impression that I'm fast, because I'm not. But I think I know what you mean. When you are getting outside your comfort zone, it's easy to stop relaxing and start going a bit haywire. But I'm certainly looking forward to it, and you're right about c25k+.

  • Well done you I've just completed week 5 and I never thought I could do the full 20 mins but the feeling is amazing and the support of every person on here is a major mental factor for me !!! Good luck x

  • It's totally by reading encouraging comments such as yours Frostycat2 that gives me hope that I can do it too. Thanks very much, and good luck to you, too.

  • That looks inviting!🙂

    I never wanted to know what was coming. Ignorance was bliss for me 🙈

    Yep, just plugging away, doing the work, getting those sessions ticked off is good discipline for your post grad running career. Taking it steady of course 🙂

    I use the C25k+ podcasts a lot, and I've been running a few years now. They are a bit weird pace wise but it's all about leg building so stick with them 🙂🏃👍✔️ When you graduate that is 🙂

  • Thanks, misswobble. Yes, we're all different, which is great. The thing we have in common, though, is that amazing feeling of well-being that we get from running. Long may it continue for all of us.

    Running, and even walking, to a beat is completely new to me, and I love it. I'm looking forward to spending many years like you running with Laura. Thanks for the advice.

  • Great post!! That looks like a lovely lane for a run!!! Glad you've found your pace, it makes such a difference...don't worry about your breathing, that will sort itself out without you even noticing...just enjoy your runs ....I've just finished week 5, unbelievably & I have peeked at week 6, it wouldn't really have matter what it said because it's part of the programme and has to be done....peek away late-starter if that's what you do...just enjoy it & keep these posts coming!!

  • Thanks, Mummycav109. Very well done, completing week 5. Knowing what's coming, I'm looking forward to the challenge of week 5 - but I've got week 4 to contend with first, that'll be enough for now.

  • Definitely....enjoy week 4 & take your time...😉

  • Cheers!

  • I love running now and can't imagine life without it. I used to be an unfit lard ass

    I run with the Bridge to 10k podcasts and Stepping Stones, still! They are so good, I stick with them. Free too! 😃

  • C25k must be one of the NHS's best-kept secrets. I heard about it quite by accident just a few weeks ago. Glad I did.

    I intend for the three c25k+ podcasts to be my friends for a long time. Not sure about Bridge to 10k, though. But maybe, who knows?

  • Sami Murphy Bridge to ten k podcasts are the most amazingly life changing thing for me ever, bar none. Hundreds of free tunes too. I run these on all my longer runs

    I did them after I got Stepping Stones off pat.

  • Wow, that's a recommendation! That's something for the future. Found those podcasts. Downloading now. Thanks.

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