Injury! Oh no!

After writing my 1st post yesterday about how I had completed week 5, run 2, I walked upstairs but slipped and landed awkwardly on my foot...I have torn my lateral ligament on the side of my foot and it's painful just to walk on it :( dr said give running a rest for at least a week or even 2, I am worried about my progress, I don't want to fall behind but have no choice and I am worried about starting from run 3, thinking I should just repeat the whole of week 5. What do more experienced runners think??? Thanks in advance.


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11 Replies

  • That sounds painful! Am glad you've been told you can get out again soon and it's not a longer lay off. When you're coming back into it your foot is probably going to dictate what you do rather than your fitness I reckon. But it'll not be long til you're back out there and building up again :-)

  • Thanks. I think you are right...atm I am more worried about going away on Friday, going to a gig so will be standing for a long time and walking around a city! I might have to be left at the back of the venue anaesthetising myself with alcohol lol! ;)

  • What bad timing all round! Hope the gig is good, you could always use the ice from your drink to put in your shoe :-/

  • Oh no so sorry to hear this - sounds so painful. Hope it heals super quick and you're back on track soon. Sorry no advice re where to take off as I'm at pretty much the same level as you. Enjoy ur weekend and take care

  • Thanks for your message, I just feel so frustrated that I was doing so well and now I feel like I halted any progress I have made :(

  • Aww beegirl not a good time all round right enough..

    Although the good news is.. if it only takes you a week or two you shouldn't lose much stamina atall.. as long as you keep up some other forms of excercise..difficult I know..on a bad could try swimming:)

    Although your next run due is your first 20 min run which you may not want to test on this one..So maybe a little light jog a couple of days before just to be on the safe side :)

    Good luck..hope you recover soon.. and enjoy your night as best you can x

  • Thanks sparky66, I think maybe going back to 1st run of week 5 might be a good idea. I have been told to keep walking on it tho it's painful so it doesn't seize up. I hope you are right about not losing stamina, that's been my big worry since yesterday :S

  • Well I was on week 8 run two and sustained a stress fracture on my knee and was out for 6 whole frustrating weeks... got the all clear to run again from physio and managed a twenty min run first time out :)

    I will now be more careful and if in doubt take extra rest days.. x

  • Thanks that's really good advice to take extra rest days. Must admit I don't normally run on weekends! Will give it a week and try a gentle jog, if I can't manage that I will give it another week and return to dr. X

  • If out for just a week or two don't worry about it, start back on where you left off, slow & steady, see how foot feels, my wife was on w7 when she got a heavy cold and was off running for over a week, but then carried on OK...but it's up to you, there's no rush..😊

  • Hi davelinks, I feel like there is a rush, I am losing weight (yay!) and gaining fitness (double yay!) and feel like my progress has I don't want my stamina to fail now.

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