Week 5

I completed my third run of week 4 today so week 5 beckons. Is it just me or does the jump to .29 minutes running in w5R3 seem like a big step up. After run 2 the most I will have run is 8 minutes and then it suddenly jumps to 20. How did you all cope? I have managed so far to do every run but I am finding it hard to imagine running for 20 minutes in less than a weeks time.


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7 Replies

  • Yes, I found it hard to imagine, but you know what? Once I had set off and found my pace, I was fine. I think if you have followed the plan as intended, you will be surprised, fear not.

  • Yep....it's the run everyone worries about, and the run that makes it all click into place and you start to believe you are a runner! Take it slow, then slow down, and do what laura says of course :) you've done the prep...!! I came home feeling like Rocky!!! ;)

  • You will be able to do it - don't think about it too much. Just think it of the 2 X8minute runs with "a bit extra". Take it slow, steady and keep calm. Take each run as it comes and try not to think too far ahead (i know its tempting to look at what is coming up). Trust Laura she will get you there!!!

  • Honestly everyone worries and then does it and it's either fine or almost fine - you've been trained, you can do it!

  • It's true, you know, I bet there wasn't one of us who didn't think "20 mins? Are you kidding?" But you know what? We all did it - if you've managed the program so far and you take it slow you CAN do it now :-) Good luck!

  • Its all in the head cos the body has been trained to run for this time. Take it slow and you WILL manage. Good luck

  • As everyone says, yes, it looks scary. We all think it's too big a step before we do it - but you are ready. Laura knows what she is doing (we are all proof!). Think of it as run 2 with just an extra 4 minute run included. You know you can run for 4 mins! Start slow and if you get tired, slow down some more. It's not a sprint, there is no 'too slow' just keep putting one foot in front of the other until Laura tells you to stop. Prepare yourself for the smile! Once you complete the run, you will be grinning like an idiot for quite a while... Come back and let us know how you got on.

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