Off the injury couch and out run by kids!

So I finally decided to test out the dodgy tendon and start the C25K with my daughter so she is ready for the race for life. We did 2 rounds of 'run for 60 seconds/walk for 90 seconds' before she got bored and just kept running! 20 minutes later she'd got so far ahead of me over a hill that I had to ring her to run back towards me!

So much for a slow and easy return to running!

On the positive side I managed the run with no twinges although it was slow and steady with very little distance covered.

My question is do I force her to follow the week 1/2 programme or allow her to follow her body's ability to run? At the end she was sweaty (as expected) but still chased her brother around the park on the way home so had energy to spare.


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  • Let her run free; forcing her to follow the programme would almost certainly alienate her.

    Furthermore the C25K programme is designed for people who have never and cannot run; if she can already run for 20 minutes there is no point in holding her back.

  • Ok thanks. I think I massively underestimated her based on the very first run she did with me back in January when I first started C25K. I'll keep an eye on her though as I know she has a tendency to overdo things. Lovely to see her running off in the distance with her plaits flapping about in the wind but certainly made me realise how slowly I run!

  • Yes, I think that's the best thing you can do; just help her to make running a regular routine and keep an eye on her.

    In fact, isn't "keep an eye on him/her" the mantra of each parent? πŸ˜„

  • Lovely post... ahhh.. to be young! Let her go... wonderful!


    You could always use that old quote..

    "Slow runners make fast runners look good... You're welcome" :)

  • I'm definitely stealing that!

  • My daughter (10) did a similar thing to that at Parkrun. I said we will walk/run it but she got bored and just ran the whole thing, although she did comment it was a long way ! Somebody did say you shouldn't let you kids run more than 5k till they are 13, can't remember why, but my girls not bothered about going further :)

  • I assume it is because the skeleton keeps developing until kids hit puberty therefore you have to be a bit cautious when they do activities that might impact the correct bones development.

  • Yes, it was something along those lines :)

  • Park run makes me nervous as the kids are supposed to stay with you. I'd either end up sprinting round or they would be heckling me!

  • Thankfully I had already completed C25K before I took her, and she can't outrun me ( yet ! )

  • I've completed the C25K too but had an enforced 6 week ban due to a really nasty tendon sprain. But to be fair my 5K's previous to that were all sloooooooow :-)

  • You must be so pleased to have got this run in the bank - 20m of running after a 6 week break, and more to the point no twinges...probably a perfect reintroduction run :)

  • It did feel lovely! The change in weather hit me the most. 6 weeks ago it was lovely and chilly , perfect for my running. Yesterday was practically tropical in comparison!

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