Another run another 5K


So started the week and was confident when I set out that I would run faster today and get close to the magic 5K in 30 minutes how wrong was I πŸ˜– First after 5 minutes lower back pain so shoulders back looking forward (still haven't mastered the running looking straight forward) so kept going and finally after 10 minutes it felt better and started the hill and then 15 minutes and a stitch πŸ˜– Stopped and walked stretching and tried to run but it was to uncomfortable...

After a couple of minutes I did manage to run again and breathed deep to try and get rid of the stitch but did not manage it 5K was announced and 38 minutes so not bad on my 5 minutes warm down met a couple walking towards me and do you ever get that feeling that You know these are the kind of people who are not going to give way? So 'Don't worry I'll go in the road where the traffic is coming from behind just so You don't have to go to single file!!!!' 😑

So what have we learnt? You can never think that just because You feel good it doesn't follow that You will run a good run.... You may fix one thing but be careful solving one problem can lead to another problem..... And You can never predict people..... Oh check Your socks before You go I found a old pea snuggled into mine when I got home!!! πŸ€” Where the heck did that come from!

So good luck to everyone this week and happy running πŸƒπŸ˜Š


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  • Some of my best runs are on days when I didn't sleep well, felt awful and not in the mood, it is so unpredictable

  • Checking my socks as I type! :-)

  • Yes! People being difficult and in the way! Also cyclists either going too fast passing, or coming up behind and not letting you know they're there, and the guy say's, I haven't got a bell, and I say, no? But you can shout out!😬

  • This made me smile, I have bell on my cycle, but it is quite quiet, and sometimes if folks ahead are walking and talking animatedly, they do not hear.. so.. one time, I did call out...loudly and clearly... I always, always slow right down too, two people moved, but one chap, jumped, missed his footing and stumbled into a bush. I stopped and he was laughing.. thankfully.

  • The chap overreacted & jumped? Good job there were no brambles or nettles..😊

  • You never can tell.. but you ran anyway! Plus, you did not get run over :)

  • I felt great on Saturday to do Parkrun, but it turned out to be a bit of a flop!πŸ˜•

  • You failed the princess test by not finding it until you got back!!

    When my daughter was young, and rode on pathways, I told her to ring her bell when approaching pedestrians to let them know she was there. She cycled up really close to a couple then rang her bell loudly and persistently. It was very funny watching them jump in fright but I had to keep a straight face as I explained that wasn't quite how I had meant her to warn them. Thanks Oldfloss for reminding me and making me chuckle.

  • Yep.. we would have hobbled back wouldn't we? And Irishprincess well she would have been unable to walk because she is so royal :)

  • Hey you

    We have not heard anything from you for a while. Is all good... ?Are you still running ?:)

  • #Oldfloss Sorry I have been building a deck and stopped everything for 4 weeks as the deck took up all my spare time and I was waiting for that funny thing called a Summer to arrive πŸ˜‚ But I think we had a week of good weather and that was that... So I'm a year older and started running again on Monday as have nearly completed the deck and everything just waiting for the concrete to dry before starting on Pergola.... Today went for My first early morning run and it rained 🌧 Oh also went to the Podiatrist showed her my foot (toe had now recovered) and said 'I don't know why I'm hear there is nothing wrong with my toe it's just when you say You are diabetic they go 😱 You need to see someone!! And I've been soaking in salt water and it's fine' so the Podiatrist looked and said 'I wish more feet were like Yours they are fantastic You obviously take great care so why would they send You to me? I will reply to Your Doctors and say You don't require any help' so we are back to normal.... Thank YOU sweet Lady for worrying about me stopping the running πŸ˜™ No far from it went and got a runners drink bottle Yesterday as expecting a heatwave and will need it πŸ˜‚ So onwards and upwards πŸ˜‰

  • Phew.. thought Goldilocks had eaten you!

    So glad you are running again and that your fantastic feet are so fantastic!

    Hope the building work is nearly finished.. so you can get out there and post some runs.. we miss you :)

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