Second graduate run - another 5K

Title says it all really - I am well chuffed :-). It took slightly longer at about 40 minutes but that is fine.

I am really chuffed at how sustainable it was, at no point was I gasping for breath - it was challenging, sure, but sustainable is a good description I think.

I read a post recently about 'we achieve what we expect to - expect a 3K and after 3K you will be tired, expect a 4K and after 4K you will be tired etc.', and this certainly seems to be consistent with that. During week 9 I ran for 30 minutes (~4K) and then felt I needed to stop. No way could I have done 5K then.

Now, a couple of days later - the second 5K baby!

So - try not running for a given duration, just go slow and see how far you can go :-).


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16 Replies

  • Well done. I'm on week 3 and kind of have the same outlook in that I won't look ahead at what each run involves. If I do that I count every single running section and mentally hit a bit of a block. After week 2 run 1 I don't count anymore and I haven't looked ahead at what each run involves in terms of running/walking. I just put the podcast on and get out there and do it.

  • Sounds good to me Yatesco. Well done...and great advice!

  • Brilliant... well done you.. again!

    I know that if I go slowly... I feel like I could go on for ever... haven't tried it though!

  • OK I'll expect to run a HM today and breeze through my run :) which is going to be nowhere near that far! I was supposed to head out at 6am for it but well.... bed was cosier. Decided to postpone it till this evening.

  • Shame on you... :) ( Only kidding) I was out before 6 a.m. yesterday..!

    It was blinkin' cold and I think you had the right idea.. sensible girl! x

    Enjoy your run later x

  • I know I do feel ashamed but some mornings, well, it just ain't happening. Weather forecast predicting thunderstorms for later so I will need to time it carefully. Shouldn't be  too many other people out though which is good. It is a drag zig zagging along avoiding everyone. Well done you getting out and getting it done!

  • I was joking about being ashamed 🙂 The weather is really really head out in sun..come back in snow..☃

  • Thanks all. 6am - what does that look like?!

  • It looks amazing...really....🙂

  • We have a bank holiday this weekend so maybe this is the right time for me to try it - no work day to jeopardise.

    Maybe :-).

  • You know, I really don't know why I don't - I prefer solitude, cold, love nature (sun rise/birds etc.)... It is making a lot of sense...

  • If it is fine... try it... it does wonders for the soul; the wet and murky mornings are a challenge... although I try really hard to embrace each season and each type of weather for its individual merit. 

    I love cold, crisp mornings.. with a gin-clear sky and that  tingle that follows after a few minutes running. :)

  • It is not my natural time either but I thought I'd better try it to prepare for the hot weather, if it ever comes. I actually really like it, enough runners out for it not to feel creepy but quiet, the air is fresher. Squirrels, rabbits, even foxes about. They go into hiding later when the dog walkers appear. Give it a go. Bit of a cheek me saying that after not bothering myself this morning eh?

  • I am shocked by the hypocrisy :-)

  • Well done.  Great advice too! 

  • Great stuff! Well done. 

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