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Manchester 10k done!

I don't normally write on here, I just use it for hints tips.

I started couch to 5k about a year ago. I suffered from severe pain in my lower back when I ran up to a mile. Took me months and months to get past it. Gave up at one point, but then bought a treadmill. I managed to restart the programme complete the runs and did core exercises 2-3 times a week.

I got to the 5k mark and then was encouraged to sign up for the 10k!

Tried a road run in preparation and hurt my accillies! 2 weeks out and though is never be able to run outside! Back on treadmill...

Anyway It's been a tough ole year but this weekend I managed to complete the 10k run in 55minutes! And no back pain whatsoever. My ankle held up too!

So whatever your aches and pain, manage them carefully do what your body tells you is comfortable and keep pushing yourself slowly! You'll get there.... Even signed my self up for a half marathon in October!

Good luck all!!

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It's an inspiration to read what you have achieved! Thank you for sharing your story. I signed up to do a 10K Race for Life at the end of next month - I am nearly through C25K, so it's good to see that this goal may - possibly - be achievable.

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A really hard fought achievement and a cracking time too. Many congratulations


Aw this is great !

Well done on showing such a determined and positive attitude . Its hard with injuries isn't it ? You feel like you will lose all your fitness but that's not the case . You've just got to keep patient and listen to your body.

Many Congratulations to you , and Well done on a fantastic time ! Are you doing the Manchester Half Marathon in October ? xxx


Thank you! No I'm doing the Hell run in delemere forrest! Meant to be the toughest half marathon you can do... Be fun too I hope!

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Oh ! That sounds a tough one ! :-O

Good Luck ! :-) xxx


Many congrats on an inspirational performance.


Congratulations - perseverance really pays off, as you've so clearly shown. Well done 🏆


Lovely post and a super fantastic time too! Injury is part of the journey for most of us at some point and you did what we have to better and got out there😀👍


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