Supernova 5K done! 40:28 PB!

Supernova 5K done! 40:28 PB!

I started C25K so that I could run.

I used to walk Half Marathons before and it used to take me in excess of 3:30 to finish.

And then I did the Tough Mudder with a time of 5:30. And I felt that I held my team back quite a bit.

So I started C25K and now I can run on a treadmill for up to 25 mins continuously.

In the past, I have managed 5Ks in between 50 to 55 mins.

So today was a surprise for me when I managed a 5K in nearly 40 minutes!

Apparently, it is customary to get your pic biting the medal after such an event :-)


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30 Replies

  • Well done Ash !

    Congratulations to you on a new PB !

    Love the photo, you look very happy and rightly so ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks Poppy!

    At one point, I turned around and was amazed to see how many people were still behind me!

    Yes, very happy indeed. And the extra time was because I had stopped to make sure that a kid who tripped and fell and started to cry was doing ok.

    I can't wait to finish C25K as I have promised myself that I will run 3 5Ks a week after I do...before I go on to do the 10K training :-)


  • Brilliant ! You can do it Ash ! :-) xxx

  • well done !

  • Thanks IslandRunner :-)

  • Fantastic, Ash, so pleased for you. No wonder you look so chuffed in that excellent photo. Roll on graduation. It is such a pleasure to share your journey with you.

  • Thanks PFW :-)

  • Whoo hoo! That's just fab! Well done you, what a lovely happy pic xx

  • Thanks so much CG2 xx

  • Fantastic Ash, Great photo. You look very happy.

  • Thanks NHS2015 :-)

  • Well done Ash! Is that running continuously on road or treadmill?

    That's a big jump from doing 25 mins just 4 days ago to 40mins last night, what are you on?!

  • Thanks Dave.

    It was run/walk outdoors.

    Yes, still to do week 7 but I keep signing up for all sorts of events to see how I am progressing :-)

    I drink only water and eat normal food...nothing special or out of the ordinary :-)

  • I know someone who walk/runs on Parkrun and has done for over 50 of those,has the red shirt, and takes about 44 mins.. The mind boggles... Maybe age & physical condition comes into it..

  • Perhaps. Or perhaps lack of ambition to do better? Either way, each person and each situation is different.

  • Well done,you'll be doing 10k before you know it. :)

  • Funnily enough, I am doing a 10K next Sunday - the British Heart Foundation Winter Warmer 10K.

    Fingers crossed :-)

  • Excellent, it'll be no problem im sure. Enjoy it

  • Thanks Paul

  • Great photo Ash! You look, rightly, very pleased with yourself. Well done!

  • Thanks so much UllyRunner :-) xx

  • That looks like fun Ash! Well done on your race and that new PB! Fantastic !😆

  • Thanks Aliboo xx

  • Hi Ash

    Congratulations and very well done!

    Was that near 40 minute 5k done by running continuously? Or still a bit of run/walk?

    I'm a bit confused cos you are in the middle of doing C25k (and doing really well) but you seem to have jumped to doing 5ks.

    I take it you are doing C25k in order to do 5k without walking, yes? But in the meantime you like doing run/walk 5 & 10ks and HMs, yes?

    Just curious!

    Well done :-)


  • Hi John,

    I can't run continuously for 5K yet. But I am sure it is a matter of time...and being able to find the right pace.

    So still run/walk/run/walk.

    I am on C25K week 7 starting next week.

    I started C25K as my HM and Tough Mudder time was really bad - 3:48 and 5:30 respectively.

    Just a few weeks into C25K, I managed to knock off 26 minutes off my HM time and now nearly 10 mins off 5K pace.

    Still a long way to go. But I have good friends and support network. And I have cleared my diary off everything else so that I can concentrate on running...and crossfit for speed and strength :-)



  • Excellent progress Ash.

    So what is your motivation for doing C25k?

    To run 5k continuously?

    To do your run/walk events quicker?

  • Well done you!!!

  • Thanks so much Laura x

  • Wow!!! Well done you... Really pleased for you 👍

  • Thanks Mrs.L.

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