Couch to 9k (maths was never my strong point)

Couch to 9k (maths was never my strong point)

Graduation run done last night. So pleased with this programme. Thank you, Laura.

I may not be running 5k in 30 minutes, but I can now run for more than 30 minutes, and more than 5k.

Starting at 17 stone 10lbs and 5'2" (in all directions) and aged 49, and having been alarmingly inactive for the last thirty years at least and on medication for underactive thyroid, depression, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes, I just decided to kick myself up the backside and do something about it.

My high point, as for many, was the week 5 run 3. I hadn't grinned so much for ages on finishing that. I followed the programme and towards the end I started adding an extra minute or two to the runs as I felt I could do a little more.

My week 8 run 3 was 43 minutes. 5.4km

My week 9 run 1 was 49 minutes. 6.3km

My week 9 run 2 was 51 minutes. 6.6km

My week 9 run 3 was 72 minutes. 9.1km

I've lost 23lbs and 6 inches off my waistline. My blood pressure has gone to 'ideal'. I'm about to come off the anti-depressants. My diabetic nurse noticed my weight loss, is delighted with my progress, and now wants to do the C25K herself. I'm working my way back down my wardrobe. I've started swimming again, and even walk to and from the pool (about 40 minutes each way).

And whilst I've really had enough of Julie, I hear she's better on her own and very insecure, so I wish her well.

Thanks to Laura and the reggae song that got me through the last week (anyone know who that's by... can anyone do me a playlist of top reggae tracks to run to?), and thanks to those of you posting on this forum, whether starting or seasoned pro's with 9 weeks + behind them. Sharing concerns and advice is so useful and keeps us all motivated. I'd also recommend '' to anyone who isn't already using it. It is so good for tracking exercise along with calories consumed. The two together really help with weight loss for anyone that is interested in that side of things.

Apologies for the sweaty haired photo and red faced glow, but I stuck my graduation hat on when I got back from my run (Β£2.25 on ebay) - now I'm off to claim my badge... :-)


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  • Massive congratulations, well done.

    Just a note of caution though. You have been ramping up your distance by huge chunks in a short period of time. This type of overuse is the most common cause of injury, especially for new runners.

  • It's ok, I was just demob happy. I promise I won't be running marathons next week. Proving to myself that I can run way over 30 minutes should make it easier to convince myself that a mere 30 minute trot three times a week will be a doddle now that I've finished the programme. On a good day, I may get carried away again and reach for the 10k but I'm listening to my body and won't go beyond my comfort zone. I'm more likely to get injured slipping on a dog turd or slug in the dark, but I note your words of caution. Thanks. :-)

  • Well done for completing the programme! I do agree however about the increases putting you at risk of injury. The recommended weekly increase is 10%, which means if you did 5km X 3 this week, you should increase to a maximum of 2 X 5 plus 1 X 6.5 - this is what is safe. I completely admire ur enthusiasm and excitement to run. I have slowly increased from a 43 minute 5k to a usual one long run per week of 10k and my legs have grumbled along the way, please be careful

  • I said maths was never my strong point. You lost me around the 1 X 6.5 mark. I'm not going to start running with a calculator. :-)

  • Wow, congratulations! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸŽ“πŸŽ“. I'm inclined to repeat Dunder2004's words of caution. Please don't injure yourself. It would be disastrous for your good new running habit if you were forced back on the couch. You have already proven that you can definitely do this, so no need to risk it now.

  • Wow, that's amazing! You've achieved remarkable health benefits and must be so proud of yourself

  • Congratulations Jacqui, those are some remarkable health benefits you've reaped already. I couldn't agree with you more about the final song on W9, I love it -so motivating. Actually, I've been known to replay it in my head as a mental boost when I'm doing Parkrun if I'm running out of steam. However I feel it would be remiss of me not to repeat Dunder2004 and PippiRuns's warnings about the very real danger of doing too much too soon. The 10% rule is often cited on here for good reason - Never increase your weekly running distance by more than 10% in total. So many of us have picked up overuse injuries in the first flush of post-graduate enthusiasm. That said, CONGRATULATIONS on your graduation πŸ†

  • Awesome. Downloading the fitnesspal app right away πŸ˜ƒ

  • Hey well done you. That's fabulous news.

  • OMG!! Congratulations to you! Such great news about all the tremendous positive health results. Bravo!

  • I am amused by your definition of an extra minute or two!

    I'm not going to repeat the cautions as such - running has never been a very precise thing for me and I prefer more salient distances when increasing eg to the next canal bridge. It's all going well for you right now and it's really wonderful (like the idea of the mortarboard!) - and you've got a wider programme than just running which will help.

    My caution is that one of the benefits of C25K can or should be about sustainability and consistency and fitness being part of your life - perhaps not 'your life'???? Just lately we've had lots of people coming back to the forum... which is great in a way, but it means they stopped for a while. Something happened in their life or they were unwell... or, inevitably, they stopped being able to do more - faster/further every time, the 'badges' from whatever apps about the 'best' stopped popping up so regularly... and that was what was motivating them.

    So my suggestion is for something to do rather than trying to rein in the enthusiasm... how about building in something to help you be still (meditation, relaxation) as well as being active (being still is very different to being a couch potato) Oh and there's the C25K+ suite of podcasts waiting for you too (guaranteed free of Julie)

  • I've mastered the art of being still. I do quite a lot of crafts and enjoy undisturbed silence for most of the day. I need to work on toning up and strength next. Might give yoga a try. :-)

  • Well done! Amazing and so pleased for you, the sense of achievement must feel amazing.

  • That's just amazing. Well done and I know you are an inspiration to me. I'm just coming to the end of week 1 and you have given me masses of confidence and support to keep going and believe that I can do this. Thank you for sharing your experience πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ‰πŸƒ

  • I know there are lots of warnings to me on here, and I do appreciate that, but I hope people read my first response about how that was a one off! Doing a little bit more than Laura asked in the early weeks (honestly, just a minute or so) made me happier to continue as I knew I could go a 'little' bit beyond the goal, so I didn't fear the coming schedule. I have good Asics Gel shoes and have had no pains, niggles, or injuries during the C25K programme. Feet felt good, lungs felt good, brain felt good, heart felt good, I felt good.

    If a big old piece like me can make it from a puffing one minute run and a grateful walking break to 30 minutes or 5K (and beyond, sorry) then you most definitely can.

    The weeks fly by and you'll be here, reaping the benefits and claiming your badge before you know it. And you'll wonder how the hell you managed it and why the hell you didn't try this years ago.

    Take it easy. Don't be a prat like me (but be a total prat like me if you want to... each to their own). Good luck. :-)

  • Woohoo congratulations πŸ˜€

  • Congratulations! Take it easy, dude! Funny, having never done much in the way of exercise, I'm now considering swimming .

  • It burns calories a lot quicker than running and is helping to tighten up my wobbly arms. Buoyancy is a nice feeling too. I do a slow breaststroke for a couple of hours each time (please, no one tell me off!) I'm one of the old biddies that swims with her head above water. I'm not setting records.

    My tip for swimming would be to get a waterproof ipod shuffle. It lets you lose yourself in music (or spoken books) and distracts you from boredom, counting or back ache. They cost a bit but I've had mine for a couple of years without any problems. Nice short waterproof earplugs too. If anyone's interested, look for 'waterfi' on Amazon (or waterfi ipod shuffle). Over Β£100 but will stand you in good stead for swimming or running. It does require iTunes (which I hate, but it's free).

  • My first purchase will have to be a new cozzie! I'm a terrible swimmer, my breaststroke is horribly lop-sided. I'm wondering if poor form when you swim is as damaging as when you run. Hopefully not.

  • Back ache is possibly the biggest issue, particularly if you're lopsided or swim with your head above water (like I do).

    Make sure you get a chlorine resistant costume if you're swimming regularly as it rots cheaper costumes (e.g. holiday beach wear). However tempting, keep spa pool sittings to a minimum as that really rots your costume. You may not think this is a serious issue, but when you spot the old lady with a see-through patch down her bum cheeks, cleavage and belly button you'll appreciate this advice. There are plenty of online shops - just search for 'chlorine resistant'. They do bigger sizes too. I made the mistake of going to my local 'sweatshop' for specialist sports gear and was disgusted to find that their sizing generally stopped at a size 14 at most. It was like fat people were not allowed to exercise. This made me very angry. I moaned at the staff in there about it and they said that they'd already raised the issue with their management/suppliers but it had been decided that there wasn't enough demand for the bigger sizes. That was years ago, and it hasn't improved since. Of course no one's buying the larger sizes if they're not on sale there! Idiots.

  • A couple of hours???? Bloomin heck thats good going. Much better than I could do. Go you! ☺☺

  • Inspirational!! I amstarting wk 5 on Monday and am worried. I am amazed by your health venefits

  • Week 5 was fun. I got my biggest high from completing that. It might look scary but Laura knows what she's doing and she'll get you through it. I flopped in a chair and grinned for a long time when I finished week 5. I almost envy you having that ahead of you. Enjoy it.

  • Not going to repeat the very sound advice from others... you've got the message.

    Pull back now, you know that you can do this... watch your diet... the season for gorgeous green eating is upon us!!! Other exercise is great too, I swim, cycle and walk as well as Strength and Flex exercises.

    The C25K+ podcasts are great fun and can be built into other runs when you have tried them a few times!

    Your running journey goes on... make sure you enjoy it :)

    Congratulations...! Go get that badge, Graduate!

  • Yep. I really should focus on strength and flex now. I've got the podcasts. Anyone worried that I'll be trying to lift fridges and elephants after three days... calm down! :-)

  • Oh I don't know...humping the odd elephant around sounds okay? :)

  • Big congratulations well done ongraduating & making such massive changes in your life.

    Not wishing to bring the mood down but I too echo the words of Dunder2004 PippiRuns AncientMum & GoogleMe .

    Please take care we want you to keep running. ☺☺

    Keep up the great work on all counts ☺

    Ps I love the pic. A proper graduation. You didn't run Wk9r3 in it did you? Lol πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  • I nearly did, but didn't feel I'd earned it until I got home, and I didn't want to make it all wet and sweaty. I have sweat dripping off my hair for ages after my run. Not pleasant.

  • Lol I'm still like that!!

  • Well done, you should be so proud!

  • that is an amazing inspiring and downright brilliant post thank you for sharing your journey with us.

    Ps loving the hat 😎

  • totally love the hat! Congratulations! I hope you enjoy many happy years of running that lie ahead.

  • That's an inspirational post

  • Woohoo! Very well done you! What an inspiring story. Who is Julie?!

  • You'll find out soon enough if you run with the podcast :)

  • Julie is the reason so many people make it to weeks 8 and 9... just to find out who Julie is. She's also the reason that many of us are pleased to see the back of weeks 8 and 9!

  • Fantastic. Brilliant. Amazing. Outstanding.

    I wont dwell on the warnings from my esteemed colleagues above (valid as they are).

    Your story is a fantastic journey and inspiration to many.

    Congrats πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • congratulations, I am also using myfitnesspal and love it and i also have depression and chronic fatigue, so to see how well you are doing is very inspiring and makes me even more determined. well done you, you should be very proud of yourself :)

  • Thank you. I swear by the combination of C25K and myfitnesspal. It has such a massive database of generic foods and supermarket packets and it's so easy to find what you've just eaten and instantly see the breakdown of carbs, proteins, fats, sugars and salt. It's so much easier to keep to calorie guidelines and if you want to eat something else, you can just run off the extra calories.

    As for chronic fatigue. Yep, I was pretty much sleeping all day and turning into jelly. I still sleep a lot, but at least now I know I've earned it a bit. Depression is a bastard. I sympathise. You can't explain it to anyone that's not been dragged down by it. It's way more than 'having a bad day'. I've had seven really bad years with it and I know it's still there, but C25K has certainly helped. Seeing the doctor on Monday about coming off fluoxetine. I hope to be less of a drain on NHS resources. Just doing my bit. Good luck to you on your journey and thanks for your message. :-)

  • Wow you have done brilliantly on all counts, congratulations on your graduation , it is amazing what 9 weeks can do for you ☺

    You have well and truly got the running bug,I won't repeat what the others have said but to much to soon does spring to mind, make sure you take the rest days as they are just as important but really once again well done 😊

  • Oh, I definitely take the rest days. I go for long slow walks on my rest days, or swim, usually both. 3 running days, 4 non-running days per week. (I think I got the maths right there).

  • Nothing wrong with your maths at all ☺

    You are a great advert for this program and changing your life around with very positive things ☺

  • Truly inspirational post, well done and thanks for sharing and being a great role model and proving anything is possible with hard work and determination x

  • Brilliant - well done - I appreciate how hard it is to take yourself out of that situation. So again, brilliantly well done. And the weight loss - magnificent.

    ....and... like others, please do be cautious of injuring yourself because of over-use.

    As I understand it your cardio improves first, then your muscles and a _long_ time after that your bones, nerves, cartilage etc. The problem with ramping up too fast is it feels great and your muscles and cartilage can handle it but your bones/joints etc. don't, and it is hard to know how they feel until they say 'no more!', and I understand they don't say it in a gentle warning way, only a 'nope, too much - throwing toys out of pram now' way.

    This risk is only increased for those of us who have more 'relaxed muscle' than we would like :-) as the toll on the joints is even more.

    What you might find that will also sustain the 'exercise high' is pulling in your running distance (still increasing a little each time) and on your rest day doing some cross-training/yoga/cycling/swimming/core work etc. Again, AIUI this will only help your running as well.

    I am not a doctor and a relative newbie to all of this so do add a big pinch of salt to this and do your own research, but that is my understanding.

    The _only_ reason I am saying this is for those of us with these sorts of struggles, even small amounts of time on the IC (injury couch) can be devastatingly negative.

    Anyways, I am so chuffed you did this - great to see people pulling themselves up :-).

  • Yes, I'm pegging back to 30 minutes from now on (with the comfort factor of knowing that that is easily achievable now).

    Yes, I'm walking and swimming on my rest days. This keeps the fitness up without the high impact damage risks. I also do step aerobics on a Monday after my weekly wii fit weigh in.

    Yes, I'm listening to my body and stopping when I feel I should.

    Yes, I'm proud of myself for finally taking control of my own health issues. The NHS have enough issues to deal with without me adding to their woes unnecessarily. :-)

  • And that pride is well-earned and that sounds like a very well-rounded plan. Have you any idea what you will do post-graduate? (And how cool is that little 'Graduate' badge!)?

    A lot of us try and do lots of slow, as in 'easy conversation' pace longer runs to consolidate and then move on to the c25k+ podcasts.

    Equally, a bunch of us seem to just enjoy the joy of running and, well, they just run :-).

  • I've not managed 5k IN 30 minutes yet. So I could try to increase my pace a bit. But I'm not really interested in running 10ks or marathons or half marathons. I just need to maintain fitness at a level I'm comfortable with and combine it with other exercise using different muscles. As I said, I'll just try to stick to 3 runs a week, around 30 minutes... sometimes less, sometimes more and on a good day I'll try a 10k, but no real plans. I'm no Paula Radcliffe and never will be. I'm happy to be a Jo Brand or Eddie Izzard - better role models for me.

  • I ramped up my distance quite quickly and ran a beautiful 10k after 6 weeks. I felt great at the time, absolutely no niggles, felt like I could have run forever (I was slow!). But 24 hours later my right shin started hurting. Internet research said it could be shin splints, which scared the wits out of me as they take ages to heal. I took a week off and am now building up more slowly - it couldn't have been shin splints, but it was a warning shot. It worried me because I noticed absolutely nothing at the time and listening to my body would have had no effect! Back at 8 km now and still loving it! Have fun!

  • Yep, I'm going to be maintaining a regular 30 minute run (with the knowledge that that is well within my abilities).

  • Very well done! I find it so inspiring when people graduate from C25K - you've done fantastically!

  • Thank you. :-)

  • Yay Go Jacqui ! What an amazing, determined lady you are !

    Not only are you going to be fit for 50, you are going to be even more fabulous, sassy and absolutely GORGEOUS !

    You have done brilliantly !

    All done with amazing positivity and sheer determination . A fantastic testament to this life changing programme .

    Massive Congratulations to you , and if anyone has just joined this forum, I really hope they read your post and take inspiration from it .

    Love the hat too ! :-) xxx

  • Thank you very much! :-) x

  • Well done Jacqui, Truly inspirational. I'm a GP and if all our patients did as you have done most of us would be out of a job and the NHS would be out of trouble.

    People get fed up with me harping on about getting moving, but most people just don't seem to believe that most of their health is in their own hands. C25K is such a brilliant programme and this is such a great forum.

    Keep up the good work.

  • That's the kind of response that cheers me up. Thanks for that. It's too easy to take the pills and blame life for your woes, but it really is down to each individual to do what is within their powers to improve things. As you will know, depression is a horrible thing to deal with and treat and the lack of motivation and fatigue makes exercise seemingly impossible. I don't really know where the inner strength came from to do something about this. I think it was a combination of high stress at the end of last year causing my blood sugars to raise dangerously, resulting in a Januvia prescription (on top of metformin) to bring things under control, and the NHS 'One You' advert and website subtly telling us to take charge of our health, assess our fitness levels. I took the quiz and was very honest about my total lack of exercise and very poor diet and read the advice and followed links to the C25K and decided to embark. So glad I did.

    I sympathise greatly with doctors. It's very hard to get the balance right between encouraging people to exercise and eat better and lecture them on it... or just ignore it and issue a prescription. I sometimes feel you should be more direct but I also know that may not work with people who are already down on themselves. I go to the doctor expecting to be told I'm fat and lazy and am delighted when I escape without a telling off. If I get a subtle telling off, I leave feeling deflated and go back to bed.

    You can lead a horse to water, and all that. Just keep pointing people to C25K (and and with better control and recognition of their food intake and exercise output they will be better able to see how the two combine and get motivated to take control and lose weight. It's triggering that initial spark that's the tricky bit.

    If my story helps to motivate anyone, I'm very happy. It has to come from within and you can't prescribe for that.

    Thanks for all your years of training. I bloody love doctors, and the NHS. You're doing something very useful with your life. Thanks for being here too. Hopefully it's useful for you to see how some fat/old people can turn things around and take that back into the surgery with you. :-)

  • Well done..I've just completed week three...really struggled with 3 mins runs, but hopefully one day will be a graduate like you!!

  • hi Wine 25K, I too have just finished week 3 this morning and start week 4 on Wednesday and would love to chat with a buddy who is going through the same pain as me!!

    Is this something you would be up for?


  • Hi of course would be great to see how someone else is getting on..I did start ck5k with my husband...but like a typical man (sorry hope you are not one!!) he over did it and is now nursing an achilies heel injury after week one!!

    Started w4R1 yesterday...went VERY slowly but managed it!!..looked like a belisha beacon afterwards..not a good look when going out and meeting friends for dinner after!!

    Good luck for tomorrow...let me know how you get on.


  • hi wine 25K

    thanks for your reply, well today I did W4 R1 and I am chuffed to bits because not only did I do it but it wasn't half as bad as I thought it would be. If I am honest I found it easier than W3.

    I think I finally found my pace today (dead slow!) but that's OK, if it means this can be achieved then that is good enough for me!!

    I have put more or less these words into a new post as I am not sure how we keep communication with in this post.


  • Me neither!

    Yep my pace is dead it a miss tomorrow so will try W4R3 on Saturday morning...depending on how much vino is consumed Fri eve!

  • Hi debg39..think you just submit reply? or not!!!.anyway was due to do w4d3 Sat morning.....but the wine won!

    Finally finished it today...roll on w5

    How are you getting on?

  • Hi Wine25K sorry for late reply, only just seen the notification bell at the top of the page! Just finished W5 R1 this morning and am feeling chuffed as my W4 R3 was my worst "run" to date and a real struggle. I actually thought I was going to have to do week 4 again which was not pleasing me (this run was after a heavy weekend ..........).

    Anyway today is done with out too much stress and next run is 8 minutes .......... Have you done this yet??

  • Hi debg39

    I too found w5r1 surprisingly...shall I say easy???? Due to attempt the 8 mins tomorrow..(if I can get up...tend to do my "runs" at 5 one around, and out of the way before work!)..want to try and get some music on my phone for tom but not sure how to do it!! Let me know how you get on...


  • Morning Wine 25K, I have just completed W5 R3 and like you I did not find this one toooooo much effort and was v. pleased to have completed it. I to do it first thing in the morning before work to know its done and out of the way. My next one is Sunday and in my mind this is the BIG one ........... but I am mentally bracing myself for it and it's also good it being a Sunday as I am telling myself I can go back to bed once it is achieved!!

    I would like to be able to tell you how to upload music but this is still a mystery to me. I some how managed to get Laura on my phone but to be able to mix Laura and music seems a step too far.........

    Anyway hope you have mastered W5 R2 and are looking forward to the weekend.


  • Hi Debg25...well done you on W5R2....I had every intention of getting up Friday morning...was awake on and off from 1.30 ish....finally woke at 4.30 and thought I'd get up in half an hour....then fell back to sleep until 5.30!!..sooooo hopefully will do it tomorrow..Also....hubby has just restarted w1r1...we started to do this together (have I told you this?)..he being a typical bloke overdid it so has been nursing an achilies tendon injury for the past 4 its better(ish) he wants to start again...but wont go on his own..male pride this morning I've had a W1R1 start!!...Mind you it's amazing how I struggled at first, and now found w1r1 so easy!!

    Off to get a new running bra today as my new one from M&S has rubbed under my arm and made it quite sore...and also to get some running socks!!

    Who knew there was so much to all of this!!

    BTW the wine won again last night!!

    Have a good Saturday, and let me know how you get on tomorrow...


  • Morning wine25K

    I to like you had a sleepless night on Saturday fretting about my run on Sunday but fell out of bed, threw on my assortment of running gear (look like something out of Oxfam!) and set off and really the next thing I knew it was nearly over, and then it was. It was such a fantastic feeling and the sense of achievement was amazing, the smile stayed on my face all day!!

    Love your comment about hubby, that is so typical of most men to try and do too much and repent at leisure!!

    By the time you read this hopefully you will have done your run and I really hope you feel half as good as I did! Let me know.

    Onwards and upwards to week 6. I have not read what that entails yet ............!!!

  • Well done you.....hopefully I'll be up early to attempt the w5r3.....hope I find it as easy(?) as you...will let you know tomorrow! Unlike you I have had a peak at w6.....think if you can do w5r3 you will find it a breeze. Here's to a good night sleep!

  • Morning, how did it go? Are you grinning from ear to ear and walking like you are 6 feet tall??? I really hope so and that the feeling lasts all day. I went the whole day saying to every one what I had achieved that morning!!

    I did w6 r1 this morning and saw it was run for 5, w3, r8, w3, r5 and mentally said "oh easy" having completed 20 minutes last time, well......... I feel like I have been hit by a steam train, 2 hours on all I want to do is to go sleep and as it's not yet 10.00am and I work until 5.00pm I think this is going to be a very long day!

    Had a bit of a panic but been reading on the forum that this is not unusual in w6, I do hope r2 is not so knackering!

    have a good day and keep smiling

  • Hi Debg39..glad to hear you are doing well...keep it up.

    It's all gone wrong for me...can't believe it...was following everything they said to do..bought decent shoes etc...then when I went out for my w5r3 at 4 a.m. (couldn't sleep) on Tuesday morning ....could hardly walk home...the running wasn't the problem but the outside of my ankle is very painful and swollen...didn't even go over on it!.

    Had it xrayed (luckily work at the hospital!) no obvious bony injury but still swollen and painful and can hardly walk...

    Am absolutely gutted...thinking of contacting a sports physio to see if I can get some strengthening for the time of the run...

    Had great plans on doing the park runs, and running down the sea front not far from me...hey ho..

    Keep in touch, as I'd really like to know how you are getting on....

  • Ohh what a bummer (sorry hope you don't mind the language), you must be sooo peeved and really hope you find out what it is and get well soon.

    Have you asked on the forum what they think it is? I like you would seek out a physio or some one of that ilk to get you back on the road to recovery.

    For myself, I have followed the plan to the letter apart from last Saturday when I should have run for 25 minutes but misheard the pod cast and stopped running at 20 minutes. I realised my mistake when she said (and I could hear her), well done, you can slow down to a walk now. Once I realised I then ran for another 5 minutes and then walked but was peeved to say the least.

    Anyway this AM was W7 R1 and that was running for 25 minutes and job done, it has been achieved.

    Feel bad telling you this when I know it was your aim .............

    Get well soon and take care

  • Awesome. Glad you've found the running bug and I hope all your future runs are turd free.

  • Anyone reading that post without reading higher up will wonder what problems I have! :-)

    The trouble with running at night around the estate is that men sent out to take the dog for the last walk of the day feel that they are not obliged to pick up their dog's doings if it's dark and no one can see the squat. Then again, Paula Radcliffe could be running my route.

  • Apologies. I read the posts from top to bottom and didn't intend to make you out as a Radcliffe trainee.

  • Absolutely flipping brilliant! If your body is up for it, go for it, even if it's not 'by the book'. 23 lbs?! Fab! Blood pressure ideal? Awesome! Poster girl!

  • Yes, well if I was being chased by a lion I wouldn't look at my calculator and stop running after a mere 10% increase on my previous run from a lion. :-) Seeing someone blow a muscle on a gait test today, it's clear that the body can trip you up at any time, be you static or active. I think it's ok to ask a bit more of the body from time to time. If I'm knackered or in pain, I'll stop running. If I feel good and happy to continue, I'll do so.

    I appreciate that it can be discouraging for those struggling with a three minute run to hear someone waffle on about doing a 72 minute run, but I was that person struggling with a three minute run just a few weeks ago. And I'm not of an athletic build. I have decent running shoes and decent running socks (important) and am stunned and delighted with how far I've come in such a short space of time. If I'd managed just the 30 minutes, puffing to the last step, I'd be just as thrilled with my graduation. I accept the slaps on the wrist and the warnings given by others. I understand them... but I like the purely positive messages best.

    My biggest thrill was the week 5 run 3 and I enjoyed that because it was a huge jump up on the previous run, but then followed by pegging it back a bit and rebuilding in week 6. I guess I stretched myself again, saw how much more I could do, and will now peg back and (maybe) rebuild (or more likely stick to 30 minute runs only).

    To be fair, if I was being chased by a lion, I'd put my money on the lion - unless it had chronic arthritis, asthma, three legs and had just eaten two large wildebeest.

    No, even then I'd still back the lion. :-)

  • Well done :)

    That reggae track really saw me through too- with a smile even!!

    Many congrats on your distances. I understand the proving to yourself that you can do it bit but cut back/maintain for a few weeks and enjoy yourself x

  • Yes, mum. :-)

  • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ yep, I hadn't read through all the replies before adding to it and 'telling' you what to do!! Huge congrats again though, amazing effort xxx

  • It's ok, I get it. :-)

    Slow down, stick to the programme/program (never sure on that one). Listen to your body. Don't push too far too fast. Trust in Laura. Stop showing off. Keep away from the injury couch. Any effort by anyone on here is as valid as any other and no one should be made to feel inadequate or superior. We all have our own issues, goals and limitations.

    I'm just thrilled to have graduated. I actually did some kind of running dance to that reggae number. I'm glad it was dark and no one was watching.

  • Grinning wider than the Cheshire Cat and why on earth not? Congratulations this is clearly the start of something great for you! Well done πŸ‘

  • That'll be the wide angled lens. My nose isn't that big either!

    (Ok, it is, but I can pretend)

  • Congratulations and brilliant health results (I do like a good comeback story). Looking forward to the reggae in wk 9 and I promise not to peek!

  • Thanks. It's a great track to (almost) end the last run. Very uplifting and so easy to run to. Enjoy your journey. :-)

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