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Couch to 3k!!!


I've just finished Week 8 and am fairly happy I'll be able to cope with Week 9. But being old, fat and short I run slowly and with small steps. Today I covered exactly 3 km in the 38 minutes so I can't see my hitting 5k in 40 minutes next week,

What's the best way to start building distance? I looked at the Bridge to 10K plan but that assumes you can do 5k to start with. Should I increase running time to 35, 40 minutes?

The programme keeps stating that speed isn't important, it's all about distance, but in a fixed time of 30 minutes the only way to run further is to go more quickly. I don't think they seem to understand this.

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Hi Oldpurple. I think C25K gives you the tools to progress to 5k, like learning to drive a car, you learn the skills after you’ve passed your test. My plan, after I’ve graduated, is to continue to run for 30 mins until l can do 5K, then progress. You will get there, be patience with yourself👍🏻


When you’ve graduated you’ll be sent a link to give you guidance post graduation. The most important thing is to consolidate for a few weeks before moving on. You can try different runs , intervals, a bit of incline. Then increase time of running. Speed will come the more running you do, but don’t rush it. Don’t forget you’ve only been running 9 weeks and only 10% of graduates reach 5k in 30 minutes. I still cannot and I graduated in May, but I can run 9k now which I never thought was possible. If you have a parkrun nearby that might be fun for you too. Enjoy you last week.


I'm slow too Oldpurple but plan to continue to run for the 30 minutes and hope I can one day hit the 5K. Keep going 🏃🏼‍♀️

Hi from one old fat runner to another the best advice I can give is look at advanceing by increments of 10% each week be that mileage or time I have come back to running after been very well trained in my 30/40s the fastest I have managed now in my 60s and classed as obese 16 mph I use distance to increase as I said by about 10% each week I am up to 10k now but slow I have entered Doncaster 10k but put my estimated time as two hours Im not bothered about time just enjoy and get round thats my aim. When you can run free its the best feeling in the world 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️


Fret ye not! I completed my first half marathon last weekend having graduated in March, and I STILL can’t run 5k in 30 mins! It will come, I hope!! Its good advice to just keep running 30 mins 3x a week for a few weeks and then extend one of them by 5, 10 mins as you feel comfortable. You will amaze yourself at how speed/distance increases! I did Bridge to 10k and there’s lots of advice on that forum too for when you’re ready. Its just that C230mins isn’t quite as catchy! Good luck and enjoy! You’ve come so far already.


Hi - I’m 69 yo and 100kg so sympathise. I’ve graduated from C25k so now do parkruns but take 38+ minutes. That’s fine - I still rate myself in the top 20% of all men for my age (although of course far lower than that of those that actually run! ). Try it - you certainly won’t come last.


thanks for all the responses. I am having a weekend away so back to running on Monday


Hi you will automatically run further the more you run. Don’t worry about it just give yourself a pat on the back for what you have accomplished


When I did this previously, once graduated, I used my own music (well, audiofuel) and mapped out a 5k run rather than worrying about how long it took (I think it was taking me 38 -40 mins initially) I roadrun and it is quite hilly, but Ibgraduallybgot quicker. However, I didn't ever really care how long it took me ( never going to racing, or even running with anyone else) so unless you are particularly fussed I wouldn't worry about it -if you keep it going you may get quicker or you might prefer to run for longer, there are no rules. Good luck with wk 9.

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