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W9R3 - Done, done, done!!!



A lovely sunny Sunday afternoon saw me pounding the highways and byways with Laura for the final run of week 9. It was a lovely way to finish what has been an eventful 10 months or so. I was feeling so good, that I pushed on for another 3 minutes and completed 5k!!

What next? Well, Milton Keynes parkruns are on Saturday morning, so they might have to be part of my new regime. Anyone else doing them?

I think I'll save pushing on to 10k for the Spring.

TTFN & thanks to all.

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Well that's absolutely brilliant! Big fanfare - ta daaaaaa! Well done. I'm going for a bit of consolidation now. Nothing rash for me!

EverTheOptimistGraduate in reply to useitorloseit

Aw, shucks, thanks!

I agree, a bit of consolidation is now in order, especially as Autumn has finally arrived and the mornings are that much darker. I think I'll try out a couple of new routes that I've looked into that avoid the worst of the mud that will be the inevitable consequence of today's rain!


Fantastic, well done for graduating. I recommend parkrun, they are great, and I have found it gives me a goal each week. Great for socialising too! Go for it ;-D

EverTheOptimistGraduate in reply to no-excuse

Thanks! I wanted to get through to the end before embarking on parkruns, as I wasn't sure I could cope with a full 5k. Having done it yesterday I'm raring to go!


Well done you! Sounds like you've had a hell of a few months, but you've done it! Enjoy the feeling, bask in the glory and love those parkruns!

EverTheOptimistGraduate in reply to Hidden

Thanks, Babs.


Wow, finishing in style with a 5 k run, seriously impressed!!!! Well done & congratulations, hope you had a little celebration to mark the occasion x

EverTheOptimistGraduate in reply to MarlyParly

:-) Fish & chips and chocolate ice cream!


Well done ETO!!!!! Great stuff. You must be mightily relieved that's now done and dusted.

Yes, 10 k next. You could download Laura's Stepping Stones podcasts and the Bridge to 10 k ones with Sami Murphy. Parkrun is a great idea!

EverTheOptimistGraduate in reply to misswobble

Thanks!! Not sure my wife would appreciate me spending more time with Laura, though...

Yeh congratulations and a 5k. Sounds like a few of us are considering park runs

EverTheOptimistGraduate in reply to runningknitter

Congrats to you too! Sub 35 mins for a full 5k is pretty darn good. Graduation for you later this week?


Congratulations! Well done you :)

EverTheOptimistGraduate in reply to Tomas

Thanks Tomas!


Well done ! Your optimism has paid off and YOU CAN DO IT !!

EverTheOptimistGraduate in reply to Hidden

Thanks! My optimism has been sorely tested over the past few months.

Just logged back in (lunchtime at work) and seeing the little "graduate" badge next to my is making me grin for ear to ear!


Great news well done :) congrats on the 5k too !


Congratulations! I hope you feel amazing!

Congratulations deforestation try a parkrun, I've not tried one yet but only because I will have to wake early to travel to one. Iike my sleep :)


I am glad the badge raises a smile after all this time. Many congratulations for optimism and tenacity and achievement plus good luck with your future running.

Keep running, keep smiling.

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