Double delight w3r3 done and speed numpty

I have actually complete w3 and did after one day, rest rather than the two-I have been trying to ensure my back doesn't play up after some trouble following the first attempt at week 2 followed by weekend of non-stop walking. Really pleased I bit the bullet and did it now.😆

To add to my delight I have discovered from my disbelieving family that the old treadmill (my husband trained for a marathon and bought one-so have been cosseted above garage for runs) is actually in mph not kmph! Family are in hysterics, kept reading posts about how slow some runners were and though uh oh I must be a snail! 🐌I watched my moving legs as best I could (without falling off the treadmill) and thought something's not right here. Double result and its prosecco night! Well chuffed.

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  • Well done.... you are doing so well!

    Onwards and upwards! x


    Watch that Prosecco... Newbie_no-more_Pam , wrote a great post after slightly too much..hilarious:)

  • Haha thanks for link. Not going to run tomorrow- so should be OK and naturally drinking in moderation! May have to send out for champagne instead tho....yum.

  • I have to say..that would be my champagne☺

  • hmmmm, are you sure you havent already started on the prosecco? ;)

  • Heh-heh, you are faster than you thought - enjoy your prosecco!

  • Hey well done - I'm starting week four tomorrow, a bit worried about the increase from 3 mins to 4!!! Never thought I'd get this far though, so miracles do happen!!! Good luck with week 4!!!

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