W3R3 and birthday triathlon!

celebrated my 61st birthday with W3R3 (treadmill) followed by 10k (stationary) cycle ride then 1k (pool) swim. My own personal triathlon! Now feel I can eat my slice of birthday cake with a clear conscience (provided I have the breath to blow out the candles!) And as for Laura's healthy banana snack- well I sliced it into ice cream, drizzled it with Bailey's and sprinkled it with chocolate- we seniors know how to party!

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  • Well done I certainly think you have erned your cake. You are truely an inspiration to us youngsters ( I am 60 in 9 weeks lol and on week 6)

  • Happy birthday! What a fantastic way to celebrate! :-)

  • lol...Have you set your sites on Hawaii in a couple years?

    I'm working in a mountain bike ride on the rest days....and eyeing a membership at a local health club so I can swim....

    I figure that at 64 I may have a chance at placing in the over 70 age group...lolololol

  • wouldn't mind a holiday in Hawaii even if it meant doing ironman (person?). They'd have to extend the competition for me though- it'd take me a few days to complete the course. Thanks, everyone for your good wishes. I had a great day.

  • Happy birthday and many congratulations on your own personal triathlon ! :)

  • Wonderful! What a great way to celebrate your birthday. Hoorah!

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