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First 5km and numpty tourists!

So after a quiet couple of weeks making the most of my baby boy being home from boarding school for Easter (ok, he's more of a stroppy teenager really but still..) I decided to get going again this week. Did my 2x 30 min runs on Tues and Thurs and ran a little over 4km each time. I decided to ditch Laura this morning (soz Laura!) and ran a pre-planned 5km route.

Took it really steady, not thinking about time, just the distance and getting 5km done - and I did it!!! In 39.14 so not great, but defo something to build on and that's even after drinking a shed load of wine last night.

Finally to the numpty tourist who made a snarky comment as I went past...I was just over the 4km mark and slowed myself further to get my breathing back under control (which I did) so bog off, I ran 5km this morning - what did you do?

Feeling great, thought I was looking great too until I got home and noticed my face was so red I could have been an oompa loompa - no make up required! :-)

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Well done. Time does not matter. You did it.

As for the tourist, adopt the 'stick your tongue out' attitude adopted by many on here. Seems to work well :)


Brilliant and yeah bog off all those snidey couch potatoes who ridicule us for actually moving get a life x


Well done you. The tourist was only feeling inadequate because he hasn't shifted his lard for the last ten years at least, I'd just forget it.


Well done Emma. Cracking 5k is another big milestone.


Well done. 5k felt impossible just a few weeks ago and now you know you can do it. Don't worry about other people or time. Enjoy yourself :-)


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