W3R3 done - and the need for speed

Finished off week 3 and feeling good. Is anyone else struggling with the need for speed - feeling that you should be running faster at this stage?

I know I need to pace myself and focus on building stamina, but also have the temptation to push myself during the running sections and see what I can do. Guess C25K is also about being slow and building discipline as much as it is about running!


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8 Replies

  • C25k is really all about being slow. Slowly slowly gets you to the end of the session, the week, the programme in one piece

    Rushing it will get you injured if you are not used to running or exercise in general

    It's not about pace or distance either 🙂

    You'll enjoy it I'm sure. It is fun 😀

  • Thanks - guess I just needed a reminder to slow down and breathe; once I've finished the programme, then I can focus on speed or distance :)

  • Yes, I do understand how you are feeling,. especially in the first few weeks. Once the longer runs start and you leave the intervals behind you'll be very pleased that the C25k mantra is "slow". :) If you feel you have quite a lot left in the tank you can up the pace for the last minute or so (Laura often says this further in the programme). Slow and steady will get you all the way to the end, stick with it. :)

  • Haha - very true; just did W4R1 this morning, and my app does it in 2.5 minute runs with 0.5 minute breathers (6 intervals). So I ran for 15 minutes total this morning out of a 28 minute work-out; more than half the time running so I was happy with my progress! I did have to slow down a bit towards the end this morning; might need to start a little slower and then I can power through at the end :)

  • I do like to speed up towards the end of a session if I feel I've still got enough energy to manage it. But it's a last couple of minutes thing for me at the moment, not a right from the start one. But I'm a slow runner generally. There is something special though, in those rare moments when I just decide to go for it and absolutely run 'like a real runner!' ;)

  • Nice! I'll try to save it till the end then :) and you are a "real runner"!

  • You said it yourself.. discipline... it is all about stamina and a steady and slow progression. The time for speed and distance comes after Graduation.

    Just get there, injury free and having had a great time.. and then.. the running path is yours :)

  • True - patience and discipline are key; guess I'm learning more than just running through this programme! Generally I like to see results relatively quickly, but some things take longer to get to, but they are definitely worth it :)

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