first run of week 2 done

wow, after spending the last 2 days, s******g a brick about starting week 2, i did the first run and at 1 point I thought i couldnt do it but then i told myself, i got through week 1 i can do it again and i did it, so as a reward i ordered myself some new running shoes, eek so excited. random question but what does IC stand for, I have seen it used loads on here. x


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13 Replies

  • Injury Couch... may you never have to get onto it :) Although, if you are Newbie_no-more_Pam , she had a really lovely Ic in a B and B somewhere!!!!

    Very well done you for getting this far...keep steady and slowly does it.


    New shoes...heck.. you have to post a pikkie... the folks will tell you.. them's the rules!!!

    I have just been admiring Pushing60 's new shoes... very sassy!

  • why? was she on holiday or something?

    Are Pushing60's bright pink? :)

  • She was.. and the IC looked so lovely and comfy.. with a glass of red wine too!

    Yes.... PINK!!! Loving it... I go for the funky stuff, despite my advanced age... :)

  • Maybe an excuse to get on the IC :)

    They do look very funky and comfy, ha you are only as young as you feel, i think thats the saying :)

  • I'm on week 8, I didn't know what IC was either and kept forgetting to ask :-)

    Well done for getting week 2 started, each week feels intimidating, but it's a good programme and you'll surprise yourself.

  • It definetly is, today kind of just felt like w1r1 hard but achievable so hopefully, w2r2 will slightly better. It gives you something to focus on.

  • A great reward for hard work so far well done ☺

  • Thank you, definitely a necessity aswell as a reward, ive been running in my old and battered non padded trainers with fashionable holes in, so even if the new ones arent brill, they will still be better :)

  • Wow, well done on going for it, despite your doubts - I hope your new running shoes arrive soon and you take a photo for us all to admire!

  • thank you, i am pleased as punch :) me too my others are definitely giving me knee pain now. I have been told its a rule to post a pic of new shoes and im not a rule breaker :) what week are you on?

  • I really hope the new shoes help - they usually do and I am looking forward to seeing them.

    Much to my amazement, I am on week 9 - I do my last run of the programme on Sunday - it has taken me a while to get through!

  • yay well done, how long did it take you? doesnt really matter though as you got there and thats what counts. I bet you are very proud of yourself, I know I would be.

  • Thanks, it took me a lot longer to get through the first two weeks as I needed more rest days between sessions, but since then, I have caught up and think it is about 9 weeks since I started.

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