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Week 2 Run 2 done....

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Hi guys... well as you see from the title, I just completed Run 2 of Week 2. Today felt a little harder than Run 1 that I did on Wednesday. Hmmmmm....... Not going to dwell on that though. I completed the run and that's all that matters.

And what a beautiful day it is to run in aswell. Blue skies, nice breeze, warmish sunshine. ☺

Roll on Run 3 and I hope it feels a little easier than today's run.

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See you're progressing but by bit. Have a nice rest and and happy running for R3

Well done Donna keep up the hard work.

Good on you. Keep at it steadily.

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Well done 😊 i am at the same stage as you...i found run 2 really hard aswell but feeling under the weather which didnt help i guess.i was hoping to get run 3 done today...its a beautiful sunny day here but still not well so not really up to it unfortunately!!!hope all goes well for your next run 😊

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Good job!! We are at the same stage! Although i may have to repeat week 2 next week... my legs and ankles aren't holding up too well and don't want to go too far too fast!!

Can't wait to hear about your run #3! I do mine tomorrow!

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Well done ALL of you, I haven't commented in ages (L.I.F.E) but I been running and encouraging you ALL on from the sidelines. It is SO WORTH it. Keep going "slow and steady " just like Oldfloss keeps telling us.

Well done Donna...

Onwards and upwards, nice and steady.😊 x

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It was a beautiful morning...just keep it slow and steady and relax as you do those runs.. make the most of the glorious sunshine days !

Well done :)

Well done Donna, you're doing great..!! 😊

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