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First Run of Week 3 Done

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Been dreading this all day as I didn't think I could run for 3 minutes non stop. I joined a jogging club last week and we did six reps of 2 minute runs/90 second rests. I really struggled to run for 2 minutes non stop so I thought 3 minutes would be beyond me. Do you know what? I managed it! It wasn't easy, and the last 3 minutes seemed to go on forever, but I made it.

Must be making progress!

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Great effort, well done.

When I did week one, I was sure there was no way I would be able to three minutes. Basically I was knackered after each run.

At week 3, I was convinced I would not be able to do 10 minutes. I was struggling for breath, and my legs were killing me.

I am now at week 7, running for 25 minutes, and now I know that running for 30 minutes will not be a problem in a couple of weeks time ( I have already managed a cheeky 5k in 36 minutes). Not too bad for a 15 stone 45 year old with mild asthma.

You will also find a point in the programme when you KNOW that you can do it.

This programme really does work.

In the mean time, enjoy the training, confident that one day you WILL run 5k

You ARE making progress, it just kind of sneaks up on you that actually, yes, the running is a possible thing. Well done and keep at it.

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We all go through that feeling - will I make it, or will I die on this path? lol

But the C25K programme is amazing in that it's planned for everyone, so that they get through and succeed.

I only graduated a couple of months ago, and I ran nearly five miles this morning!

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Fab stuff Al !

Youve made the hardest step, getting off the couch !

You can do this y'know, this programme really works as the thousands of members on here will tell you. We all started off in the same place, all feeling exactly the same . I hated PE at school, but this programme really gets under your skin and before you know it you will be as addicted as the rest of us !

Keep going , youre doing great !

Keep posting as well , this is a very supportive place and will help you every step of the way

Good Luck ! xxx

It is amazing what our bodies can do....just remember not to listen to your brain when sometimes it might tell you that you can't do it! If it gets a bit hard, slow down. If I can do it (50 and never run in my life) you can too :0)

Thanks everyone for the encouraging words. This is my third or fourth attempt at C25K, but this time I seem to have more determination. I'm doing alternate days of running and cycling and am actually looking forward to my visits to the gym.

Back to the jogging club tomorrow so we'll see how that goes. No idea what they have planned for us this week.

You are giving me hope! Just finished the end of week 2 and was getting nervous at the prospect of running for 3 minutes but am now definately going to give it a go. Kids and hubby are in shock I am doing this - as is the dog, his eveing walk has been ramped up!

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