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W2 R1 - with witnesses!


Moved on to week two today. One of my friends saw me out on the warm-up walk and decided to join me...which was a bit embarrassing as she could keep up with my jog whilst walking!

Conversation was a bit of an issue...I had to go with 'talk at me!' which wasn't a problem for her!

Felt a little distracted having her with me but equally the 90s runs went by really quickly.

Shins still causing me lots of pain which is my main problem at the mo.

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My brother keeps saying we should run together but I don't get it, maybe when I am doing solid running I'll get it but I am not a social runner!


No I don't run with anyone, I am in control of my speed and my route and don't have to consider anyone else.


How fast are your walk intervals? My shins hurt terribly if I walk too fast.

Look up shin splints - you need to take notice of this pain and not let it get worse. Take an extra rest day if you need to and next time you go out for a run, try taking smaller steps. Over striding is a common problem when we start up, but we do not need to stretch out that way. It will only cause stress to joints and muscles and that will lead to injury.

Well done on running with company , though! It took me a long time before I was brave enough to do that! ;)

hannah141Graduate in reply to agedsnailspace

Great advice - do a bit of googling on cadence. A lot of new runners over extend. Once you get a quicker rhythm, you might find it less painful...

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