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W2 R1 - update post run


Well finished it, conquered one of my self esteem gremlins, I ran along a very busy main road that was grid locked, did all pavement/roads. Was very hot hubs said I look like I'd just been dipped in beetroot juice but who cares..... It didn't kill me and I'm kinda looking forward to my next run in a couple of days. Guess I've got the running bug ☺️

Thanks guys for your support, must admit was worried about the heat but did 3.5km so chuffed, I'm getting there 👍👏

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Well done for beating the gremlins :-) Glad to hear you have the bug.

That's excellent welcome to Running Anonymous 😀

My name is OldPossum and I am addicted to running 👏👏


Well done!!

I've been running on grass only because I hear its kinder on the knees and easier. Is running on the pavement any different/harder?

Well done for running so publicly!


Brilliant, the self conscious thing is really is n our heads. Nobody cares, honest.

Well done for running in this heat

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