Happy solitary run

Went on my second postgraduate run today - just me, myself and I (no company this time). It was a slow but pleasant run and I enjoyed the surroundings, the sun in my face and the music I was listening to.

I ran 4 km - the longest distance I have ever run in my entire life. I feel so good about myself.

All the runners I have met up until now have been running much faster than me, but today I ran half a kilometer alongside a woman who ran just as slowly as me. Nice - for both of us, I think. She gave me a big smile as we parted

I'm back in my happy running zone.

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  • Brilliant :)

  • That's brilliant. It is important to note other's progress only as encouragement that that is what waits for you in just a few short months :-).

    I too was passed by someone far leaner and athletic looking than I, and I did think 'huh - I thought I was doing well'. And you know what, I WAS doing well :-) but it is sometimes unavoidable . Human nature likes to kick us sometimes.

    You are doing so well Iben - you are right to be proud of your amazing achievements - they only get better :-)

  • Some of the runners I see are totally out of my league. I sometimes wonder if we are the same species... But I _do_ feel that I am doing well, and whenever I forget, I have you lovely people to help me remember.

  • Sounds so lovely - the happy feeling just oozes out of this post! Running 4 km is a total dream for me πŸ‘

  • Indizulu, if you stick to the programme and keep up your good work, you will get there. 4k is attainable and within reach for you, I'm sure. Before the summer is over, you'll be a graduate with 4k or more under your belt :-)

    I never thought I would become I runner, let alone a running addict. But I am now. It's crazy! The rest days are more difficult for me now than my run days. I'm loving it.

  • Wow that's so inspiring - it really is a total change of mindset isn't it. Keeping faith with the programme that even a total confirmed sloth like myself can do this. Love this forum and the generous support of folks like u who keep us newbies going!!

  • That's lovely. I only really see dog walkers while I'm running. I did cross paths with my friend last week who runs pushing a buggy. I managed a grin and a gesture that says 'onwards' - no chance of stopping when I'm on a roll.

  • Well done! That is how running is supposed to be. :)

  • That sounds so nice Iben, you found your happy place xxx

    Well done on your run today, and yes you should be very proud of yourself , and rightly so ! xxx

  • Lovely run Iben... just what you needed.

    A very good distance and a relaxed and happy you..."....We are such stuff as dreams are made of..." as Will would have said. :)

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